Auckland city network partially down due to ransomware attack, circulation form of previous era appeared in library

The City of Oakland, California has been targeted by a ransomware attack that temporarily took the city's network offline. According to the city of Auckland, core services such as emergency calls have not been affected, and the information technology department is cooperating with authorities to investigate.

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City of Oakland systems offline after ransomware attack

City of Oakland hit with ransomware attack, but says 'core functions' are intact - The Record from Recorded Future News

According to the contents announced by Auckland City on February 10, 2023, a ransomware attack occurred on the night of February 8, 2023. The information technology department is working with law enforcement agencies to investigate the scope and severity of the problem. Core services are intact, 911, financial data, fire and ambulance are not impacted.

Reporter Jaime Omar Yassin, who learned that the city of Auckland had been attacked by ransomware earlier than the statement was issued, obtained an email from the administrator to city officials and found that all the city's computers had been infected. It reports that it is in a state of being disconnected from the network.

In fact, due to a system outage at the municipal library, it seems that they have returned to the old method of using circulation slips to move books from branch to branch.

According to a report by security company Emsisoft, there were 77 ransomware attacks against local governments in 2021, but increased to 105 in 2022.

The State of Ransomware in the US: Report and Statistics 2022

In parallel with the attack on Oakland, the city of Modesto in the same state of California is also being attacked by ransomware. In the attack on Modesto, the 911 system was affected, and it was reported that the dispatcher was in contact with the patrolling police officer via radio, not via the system, and was able to intercept the situation. It is

Hack attack forces Modesto Police off computers, back onto radio, report says.

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