What is the difference between Hong Kong's 'Monster Mansion' and the hotel in Las Vegas?

In Hong Kong, which has the third highest population density in the world, multiple complex buildings called '

Monster Mansions ' were built from the 1960s to the 1970s. Writer Alice Theon compares the ' dystopian ' look of Monster Mansion to the uncluttered exterior of Las Vegas.

The Window Trick of Las Vegas Hotels

The monster mansion built in Quarry Bay, East District, Hong Kong in the 1960s has a total of 5 buildings, Ikchang Building, Ekifa Building, Haishan Building, Seascape Building, and Fuchang Building, in the shape of the letter 'E'. It is said that there are about 2,200 residential units in this mixed commercial and residential building. 'Monster Mansion' has been a tourist attraction since the 2010s due to its distinctive appearance.

Mr. Theon said to Monster Mansion, ``These cluttered buildings are very ugly.'' According to Mr. Theon, the appearance of buildings such as monster mansions is cluttered and boring, and it is unsightly because it feels large and heavy.

The video below is a lecture given by Professor Nathaniel Walker of the Catholic University of America. In the video, Walker said, ``Humans crave both order and diversity, but too much order is boring and oppressive. 'The beautiful

classical architecture of Greece and Rome is a delicate balance between order and diversity,' he explains.

A Universal Language in Stone and Steel: Architectural Poetics, Globally Considered-YouTube

Mr. Theon, who was impressed by Mr. Walker's commentary, said, ``I feel the appearance of the monster mansion is very unpleasant because the balance between order and diversity has collapsed.''

Las Vegas hotels such as the Bellagio and Caesars Palace , on the other hand, use visual tricks to make the building look small, orderly, and intimidating by grouping four or six windows together to make them look like a single window. About. 'The exterior of these hotels is very attractive,' said Theon.

Bellagio using this visual trick is a huge building with 32 floors, but the 18-story monster mansion gives the impression of being larger and more disorderly.

``By applying visual tricks like Las Vegas hotels to the construction of high-rise housing, the exterior of the building can be made to look more beautiful and calmer,'' Theon suggests.

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