Free browser game 'Draw a Perfect Circle' that draws more accurate circles freehand and competes for scores

When you want to draw a round circle accurately, you need to use a tool such as a compass, and drawing it freehand in one shot is extremely difficult. ' Draw a Perfect Circle ' is a service that allows you to compete by scoring how accurately you can draw a round circle freehand.

Draw a Perfect Circle

After accessing Draw a Perfect Circle, click 'GO'.

The rules are simple, just draw a circle around the point displayed in the center. I only had a mouse this time, so I used a mouse to draw. Draw lines by clicking and holding and dragging.

It's a mouse, so it's a pretty sloppy line. The percentage in the center is the score, but you can see that it goes down.

The circle must be drawn in one stroke up to the starting point. If you let go of the mouse click button in the middle, it will fail. The image below is a scene where I failed because I was careless just before returning to the point where I started drawing at the end and released the mouse click.

Challenge again. However, this time the line was distorted considerably, and the score dropped to 54.2% at once.

Still managed to surround it with a score of 46.8%.

I can't believe this score! I tried again, and this time I was able to hit a score of 91.9%. Recorded scores can be shared on Twitter.

The following movie actually draws a circle with Draw a Perfect Circle.

I tried playing 'Draw a Perfect Circle' to draw a more accurate circle and compete for scores - YouTube

This time I tried playing with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Of course, it's easier to draw than with a mouse, so I should have been able to draw a pretty good circle, but the score was actually lower than when I drew it with a mouse.

So, it's a little unskillful, but I tried drawing a circle using a round cylindrical object.

The score was 98.6%, and it was rated as 'Legendary circle'. It seems that the evaluation of the circle is not only based on roundness, but also how close the center of the circle is to the white point. If you are familiar with it, please try it.

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