Corporate version ``Blue for Business'' of ``Twitter Blue'' where you can buy authenticated badges on Twitter starts, check mark is gold

Since Elon Musk became CEO of Twitter, Twitter's subscription service '

Twitter Blue 'You can now get an authenticated badge (blue check mark). Twitter Blue, which had been temporarily suspended due to issues such as impersonation accounts, was announced to resume on December 11, 2022. Announced ' Blue for Business '. At the same time, we have also changed the terms of use to prevent spoofing by purchasing authentication badges.

About profile labels

Twitter launches Blue for Business, grants gold checkmarks to 'corporate entities' • TechCrunch

Adding your phone number to your Twitter account

Twitter will require phone number verification to purchase a Twitter Blue subscription • TechCrunch

The About Twitter Profile Labels section of the Twitter Help Center explains badges that visually identify your account. First of all, in the 'Blue checkmark' item, as a means of obtaining a so-called 'verified badge', you can either be given a badge based on the conventional verification criteria or subscribe to the new Twitter Blue. I need it.

Twitter announces that it will resume ``Twitter Blue'' where you can buy authenticated badges on December 12, subscriptions from iOS apps will rise - GIGAZINE

Verified badges are known for their blue pattern with a white check mark, like this:

Musk said the verified badge would be blue for personal accounts, gold for business accounts, and gray for government accounts.

Elon Musk announces Twitter's new authenticated badge will change to 'individual blue', 'company gold' and 'government gray' checkmarks - GIGAZINE

Below is the authentication badge for the newly announced `` Twitter Blue for Business '', a subscription service for companies. It has the same shape as the conventional one, and the background color is gold. At the time of article creation, the fee structure is not described on the support page.

At the time of writing the article, we were able to confirm the gold certified badge on the official account of Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox Japan, etc.

In addition, accounts associated with national media or specific governments are labeled with a gray label separate from the verification badge, making it easier to identify that they belong to a particular organization.


candidates in some elections are labeled with a gray icon that looks like a ballot in a ballot box and the office they are running for, the state they are running in, and the district they are running in.

Automated accounts can tell who is running them by looking at the label.

In addition to the badge labels that identify individuals and groups,

professional accounts that can be used by companies and brand creators can display labels that indicate the category of 'What are you a professional?'

In line with the relaunch of Twitter Blue, Twitter has updated its terms of service to make 'registration of a phone number' a new requirement for subscription registration. In addition to the existing condition that 'you cannot purchase for 90 days after creating a new account', accounts that have not been active in the past 30 days or accounts that have changed their username or profile picture in the past 7 days The terms of use have been updated to say that you may not be able to purchase Twitter Blue if you. These policy changes are a response to the rapid increase in ``impersonating accounts that have purchased verified badges'' as anyone can purchase verified badges, forcing us to suspend sales of Twitter Blue. It is seen as compatible.

In addition, Mr. Mask announced that the conventional authenticated badge (blue check mark) will be deleted within a few months, and it seems that it may be necessary to register with Twitter Blue to obtain the authenticated badge. is.

Earon Mask said that Twitter's old authenticated badge will be deleted within a few months - GIGAZINE

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