North Korea orders children's names to be changed to patriotic meanings such as 'bombs', 'guns', 'satellites'

It was reported that North Korean authorities are ordering citizens to change their children's names to ideological or militaristic names such as 'bomb,' 'loyalty,' and 'satellite.' In recent years, the number of children with names ending in soft vowels has increased in North Korea, and authorities are criticizing parents who give Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names.

North Korea forcing citizens to change their names to sound more ideological — Radio Free Asia

North Korea instructs parents to name their children 'bomb', 'gun'. s-why-101670232061789.html

In North Korea, it was once encouraged to give names that reflect North Korean ideology and militarism, such as 'Pok Il (bomb)', 'Chung Sim (loyalty)' and 'Ui Song (satellite)'. However, in recent years, it seems that more and more parents are giving names that sound easier and gentler, such as 'A Ri (beloved)', 'So Ra (conch shell)', and 'Su Mi (very beautiful)'. Names that end in soft vowels instead of hard consonants have been pointed out to be influenced by Korea.

According to Radio Free Asia , which sends news to countries and regions where access to the media is restricted due to government pressure, North Korean authorities who see this trend as a problem are starting to crack down on the name. Authorities are demanding citizens and their parents whose names are softly pronounced, 'anti-socialist' and not 'revolutionary' to change to more ideological names. reported.

A source who spoke to Radio Free Asia on condition of anonymity said, 'Residents are unhappy that authorities are forcing them to change their names according to the standards required by the country.' , there are ongoing directives to change all names that do not have a consonant at the end.People with names that do not have a consonant at the end will add political meaning to their names by the end of the year and will be revolutionary. We have to meet certain standards,” he said.


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While many parents are said to be strongly opposed to the directive, authorities have threatened to fine people whose names have no political significance, according to a source in the northeastern Liangjiang province . That's what I'm talking about. The informant said, ``The order to change the anti-social name by the judicial authority has been emphasized at every public meeting since October 2022,'' and whether the fine will actually be imposed. It is unclear what the fine will be, he added.

Another source reports that authorities are banning names that reflect South Korean trends, which they claim are 'copies of decadent Western Yankee culture.' ``For generations, authorities have criticized the process of giving children mixed Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean names instead of North Korean names,'' said the source.

Many people have expressed strong dissatisfaction with the tyranny of the authorities who enforce collectivism, saying, 'Why aren't humans even allowed to have their own names? Are we parts of machines or livestock?' If being naked and starving is true socialism, we are absolutely against it.'

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