Disney develops ``AI that freely ages and rejuvenates'' the face of an actor in the video

Changes in the ages of characters appearing in movies and dramas are expressed through special makeup and CG synthesis, but both require a great deal of time and effort and the quality varies. Disney has announced the `` Face Reaging Network (FRAN) '', an AI technology that can automatically change the age of actors to change such a situation.

Production-Ready Face Re-Aging for Visual Effects | Disney Research Studios


Disney's new neural network can change an actor's age with ease | Ars Technica

You can see how Disney-developed AI ages and rejuvenates the actor's face from the following.

Production Ready Face Re Aging for Visual Effects-YouTube

In recent movies and TV shows, the technique of changing the age of a character's face has become commonplace, but the correction requires manual frame-by-frame work, so a skilled artist spends several days working on it. Or you have to process the footage for weeks.

Therefore, Disney's research team trained FRAN by randomly generating thousands of faces between the ages of 18 and 85 using

StyleGAN-2 , a type of adversarial generation network (GAN).

FRAN made in this way can make the face of the person in the image look very realistic.

The dullness of the skin and the way wrinkles appear when the facial expression changes is also natural.

Of course it can be rejuvenated. In the demo movie, the mouth of a man with a conspicuous blue beard has translucent skin like that of a child.

Disney will compile this research into a paper entitled 'Production-Ready Face Re-Aging for Visual Effects' and will present it at ACM SIGGRAPH Asia , a technology conference to be held from December 6, 2022.

As it is named 'Production-Ready', it seems that it can be used in movies and TV programs immediately, so Ars Technica, an IT news site, said about FRAN, 'Disney is Star Wars movies and dramas Considering that actors using CG are appearing in , it is not surprising that technology like FRAN will be widely used in Disney works in the future.”

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