Unreal Engine's demo movie that understands the phenomenal picture quality of ray tracing to produce CG in real time

As a technology to perform ray tracing in real time, MicrosoftDXR"NVIDIA"RTX"Announced, but to take advantage of ray tracing technology in Unreal Engine, has announced that Epic Games a demo for drawing to achieve a level of realism that mistaken the real thing in real time.

First of all, a demonstration of "Siren" that renders humans in real time.

Siren Real-Time Performance | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

"Hello, I am Siren, a digital human," a woman appeared. It looks like a real human being, but it is a picture produced by CG.

It was created by a joint team of international artists and technicians.

Although it is a realistic image, Siren says that it is performing motion capture of the actual motion of the human model and drawing it in real time by the Unreal Engine.

The real excitement of Siren's real-time drawing can be understood in a single shot by watching the following movie.

Siren Behind The Scenes | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Model in makeup.

Chinese Alexa Lee served as Siren's model of the time ago.

After the makeup is over, Memorial Selphy.

Photo shoots are taking place and the appearance of Siren is created from this Lee's photo.

On the other hand, a woman with equipment on the whole body.

By motion capture, we get information on whole body movements such as limbs and faces.

The expression of Siren (right) created by CG based on Lee is also drawn in real time according to the facial expression (left) of the woman with the equipment.

The content read by motion tracking ......

It is decomposed into various elements and is drawn as CG in real time.

Also adds information on ray tracing to capture light information.

Finally, Siren drawn in the previous movie was born.

This is because the information on the motion of one model is reflected in the appearance of another model (Lee) and is drawn in real time.

Siren's video is being drawn at 60 fps. Real-time CG rendering finally "Eerie valleyIt seems that it has exceeded.

Real-time rendering by Unreal Engine is also open to the public.

This is acting by Shakespeare's drama Macbeth actor Andy Serkis talks with plenty of emotion. It is what I drawn in real time, not the video shot himself.

Next-Gen Digital Human Performance by Andy Serkis | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

It is like this when drawing in the real time, reflecting the same expression on aliens like creatures.

3 Lateral's Osiris Black Performed by Andy Serkis | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

At the moment, dubbing and animation images are made in the form of voice actors at Atereko, but in the near future, it is becoming a quality to make the actor anticipate the future that will "act" the imaginary character of the movie.

In addition, by combining Microsoft 's DXR and NVIDIA RTX' s two ray - tracing technologies,NVIDIA DGX-1It also makes public how to draw star Wars parody CG in real time.

Reflections Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Rather than being rendered in advance in advance, it is a movie level that you can not believe it is impossible to believe that being drawn in real time. Of course, it is drawing with ultra-high performance DGX-1, it is impossible to produce the same image with consumer high-end GPU, but it is enough deki to make us feel the evolution of the future game.

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