It turned out that Anker Eufy brand security device was uploading content to the cloud without user consent

It turned out that there was a case where the product of the smart home device brand Eufy was uploading information such as photos and videos taken, faces and names to the cloud without obtaining the user's consent.

Anker's Eufy Cameras Caught Uploading Content to the Cloud Without User Consent [Updated] - MacRumors

Security consultant Paul Moore, who had just started using Eufy's video doorbell dual camera intercom, noticed the problem. I noticed that even though I was using it and not using the cloud function, the thumbnails of the footage I shot and user information were being uploaded to the cloud.

Eufy said on its official website that it emphasizes privacy, and it was written that ``data is stored locally,'' so Moore tweeted, ``The notation on the site is completely false.''

Mr. Moore asked Eufy, 'Why are thumbnails being uploaded to the cloud without permission? Mr. Moore commented, ``What a farce,'' with a content that was quite displaced.

This thumbnail image is used when users using the cloud function stream recorded video from Eufy's smartphone application via Eufy HomeBase, a data storage device, and a thumbnail image is created and uploaded. This is not strange in itself, but the problem is that even if you do not use the cloud function, it is uploaded without notifying the user.

Below is a verification video showing that even though Mr. Moore used the doorbell with the cloud function turned off, the recorded video could be viewed in streaming.

Eufy leaking your 'private' images/faces & names... to the cloud.-YouTube

After receiving a report from Mr. Moore, other users confirmed that Eufy's camera video could be viewed live streaming with media player VLC.

Regarding this matter, Mr. Moore said that he had a discussion with Eufy's legal department, saying, ``It is appropriate for Eufy to conduct an internal investigation and give time to take appropriate measures, rather I will comment further. This is not appropriate.We will keep you updated as much as possible.Thank you.'

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