I borrowed a room with "Airbnb" who borrows a room with the locals and was snatched with a hidden camera

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Service to lend and borrow rooms with people all over the world "Airbnb"It is popular that you can keep your accommodation costs cheap compared to staying at hotels and accommodations, and even in JapanExpansiondoing. But, with an Airbnb user "sucking the naked figure with a hidden camera in the room", it sues Airbnb and the lender of the room.

Woman sues Airbnb after finding hidden camera in her rental | Ars Technica

Yvonne Schumacher, a German woman who stayed in a room in a California apartment registered with Airbnb, sued Airbnb as hidden in the room and taken with a camera. Mr. Schumacher insists that not only her nakedness, but also intimate conversation with her partner Kevin Stockton was recorded, he also appeals Fariah Hassim and Jamil Jiva who are the owner of the room.

Schumacher's lawyer says, "Schumacher is not a master of English, Airbnb's reservation was made by Stockton instead." According to the allegation, Schumacher stayed in a room rented by Airbnb for about a month. Schumacher stayed at bedtime without sleeping clothes while sleeping. As he locked the door and window tightly before bedtime, Schumacher said he did not notice at all that he was being voyeurized until he found a camera.

One day while staying, Stockton realized that mysterious light leaked out of the living shelf. I examine the shelves carefully and it seems that a remote controllable camera was installed between the candles on the shelf. Because Stockton was detailed about IT technology, it seems that he saw the state of the camera and found that "the camera is running and wide-angle lens captures the living situation widely". When I looked at the video captured by the camera, it looked like Mr. Schumacher was walking naked inside the room, as well as the contents of the conversation that the two were talking about. In addition, it was demonstrated that it is possible to operate the camera remotely.


Schumacher revealed the anger because of the fact that it was being shot deadly, Schumacher said, "I was deeply humiliated that the state of being walking naked in the room was being voyeurized." Also, as the camera could be operated remotely, Schumacher was afraid that his own videos captured by the voyeur would spread on the net, "Airbnb failed to investigate rooms and lenders, and lender Hassim and Jiva We broke the law on privacy protection and gave pain to the borrower. " In the letter of complaint, "Several evidences show that the lender of the room used a camera to intercept Schumacher's figure and conversation contents", but as for the details of the evidence It is not touched.

Airbnb's spokesperson said, "Airbnb takes the privacy issue very seriously, and users wanting to rent a room at AIRBNB, respect the privacy of the guests and that guest rooms are in accordance with local laws It is necessary to make a pledge to do. "

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