'Apple and Amazon are conspiring to raise the price of the iPhone and iPad unfairly' accused of a class action lawsuit

Hagens Berman, an American law firm, has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington, accusing Apple and Amazon of colluding to inflate the prices of iPhones and iPads. .

Apple & Amazon Price-Fixing | Hagens Berman

Antitrust Lawsuit Says Apple and Amazon Colluded to Raise iPhone, iPad Prices | Hagens Berman

Hagens Berman claims that ``Apple and Amazon entered into an illegal arrangement in 2019 to eliminate third-party vendors as a competitive threat, or at least significantly reduce their competitiveness,'' Apple said. And Amazon violates the antitrust law , which is the antitrust law of Japan, and damages consumers.

According to the lawsuit, the illegal arrangement between Apple and Amazon has reduced the number of third-party vendors selling Apple products on the Amazon marketplace from about 600 to just seven, resulting in losses of more than 98%. . Hagens Berman argues that Apple limits the number of vendors who sell Apple's resale products on the Amazon marketplace, and in return, sells iPhone and iPad resale products to Amazon at below market prices.

Hagens Berman said, 'When Apple and Amazon renewed their deal in 2019, the only losers in their plan were consumers who were caught off guard by rising prices. Consumers were once sold on the Amazon marketplace. We were able to buy iPhones and iPads at over 20% off, but now we're locked into Apple's premium price.'

Hagens Berman is a law firm that has filed class action lawsuits against Apple and Amazon so far, and in 2021, ``Amazon is colluding with major publishers to unfairly raise the price of e-books. '' he complained. This lawsuit has been settled by Amazon paying a settlement of $ 400 million (about 57 billion yen).

Amazon is sued for ``colluding with major publishers to raise the price of e-books''-GIGAZINE

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