Large-scale data leakage including update contents for the next 9 months and tester's personal information occurred in 'Genshin'

It turned out that data containing content for the next nine months from version 3.3 of the popular online game '

Genshin ' to version 3.8, which was supposed to be delivered around July 2023, was leaked. This is not the first time that game data has been leaked for Genshin Impact, but this case is said to be unprecedentedly large, including test player data.

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``Genshin'' has a case of data leakage from the early days of the service, and as of the fall of 2020, miHoYo, the developer, has asked YouTubers and Twitch streamers not to mention the leak, ignoring the warning. Content creators have reportedly been banned from official programs, and testers who have leaked have been sued.

When version 1.5 data was leaked in March 2021, miHoYo stated that it would strengthen crackdowns.

However, the data leak continued, and in June 2022, information on version 3.0 was leaked and concept art was released. However, for fear of being cracked down by Hoyoverse (miHoYo's brand), even famous leakers (people who disclose leak information) have appeared without touch. Nonetheless, the information was spread by one of the famous leakers, UBatcha and others.

The information leaked this time includes the contents from version 3.3 to 3.8, which corresponds to the update contents that Hoyoverse planned to provide for up to 9 months in the future. It is believed to be the largest outflow to date.

Mr. UBatcha also tweeted the leaked information this time, but it was found that the personal information of the tester was included in the information, so all the corresponding tweets were deleted as ``for safety''. He explained that he had nothing to do with the acquisition or distribution of the original data.

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