Possibility of prohibiting new sales of Huawei and ZTE communication equipment in the United States

In the United States, due to concerns that it threatens the security of the domestic communication infrastructure, we are trying to completely investigate the products of Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE and shut them out of the communication infrastructure. According to overseas media Axios, the independent agency 'Federal Communications Commission (FCC)', which regulates and supervises the telecommunications business in the United States, is the first in Japan to announce new communication devices from Huawei and ZTE due to national security concerns. It is said that it is planning to ban the sale of

FCC poised to ban all US sales of new Huawei and ZTE equipment


Huawei and ZTE products, which produce a large number of communication equipment and communication terminals, are widely used in the United States and have also been adopted by private companies and government agencies. However, the FCC is trying to eliminate the above two companies' products for reasons such as ``there is an unacceptable risk to national security,'' and in 2020, it will bedesignated as a ``national security threat.'' In 2021, the “Secure Equipment Act” will be enacted to replace all existing products in Japan with products from companies recognized by the FCC.

In order to add to this trend, ``The FCC is also trying to prohibit the company from selling new communication equipment in the country,'' Axios reported. According to two sources, FCC Chairman Jessica Rosenworcel has released a draft within the organization that effectively bans companies that pose a threat to national security from selling new equipment in the United States. About.

The FCC previously prohibited ``purchasing Huawei and ZTE products using government subsidies'', but companies were allowed to purchase with their own funds. If this draft is compiled and enacted as a law, new sales will be prohibited in addition to the measure of ``replacing existing equipment'' so far, and the company's products may disappear in Japan. there is.

However, the draft stipulates that the law will not apply retroactively, so 'products previously sold by the companies in question may continue to be sold,' the sources said.

Sources point out that the draft also mentions the sale of video surveillance equipment in addition to telecommunications equipment, which will affect Chinese companies Hytera, Hikvision and Dahua that handle such equipment domestically. .

Huawei has long expressed concern about US regulations, saying, ``All products exported to the US are FCC certified before distribution, and we have not been involved in any malicious cybersecurity incidents.''

said . Hikvision responded to Axios' interview, ``Hikvision does not pose a security threat to the United States.There is no technical or legal legitimacy to be affected by the upcoming rules.''

Attempts to exclude Chinese companies from communication technology are also seen in the United Kingdom, where the British government has banned the use of Huawei's technology in the 5G network and issued a formal legal notice to remove all of the company's technology by the end of 2027. is issued. However, the government has received complaints that it will delay the deployment of 5G technology because some carriers rely on Huawei's technology in the country.

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