Xbox Series X consumes 3 times more power than PS5 in standby mode

Xbox Series X ” released in 2020 can be said to be a substantial rival to “ PlayStation 5 (PS5) ” also released in 2020. When we examined the power consumption of both models in standby mode, we found that the Xbox Series X consumes about three times as much electricity as the PS5.

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By using the standby mode that continues to operate with power saving without completely turning off the power, you can use various functions such as faster startup and downloading software in the background.

According to Tom Warren, editor of The Verge and Alex Hahn, editor of The Guardian, the power consumption of the Xbox Series X standby mode (sleep mode: standby) is 13W, which is equivalent to the UK electricity bill. When converted, it costs 59 pounds (about 9800 yen) per year. In contrast, PS5's standby mode (rest mode: comfortable) power consumption is about 4W.

However, both models have a 'power saving' mode that further reduces power consumption during standby mode. In this mode, the startup time is longer than in normal standby mode and automatic software downloads cannot be performed, but power consumption is kept to about 0.5W for both models.

``Rising energy prices across Europe may make the standby mode of home gaming consoles more expensive than expected,'' Warren said. Warren suggested that many people put their consoles in standby mode, but it's worth revisiting.

In addition, it is also reported that the amount paid to purchase electricity from other countries has jumped 55 times in normal times due to a surge in electricity demand due to a record heat wave in the United Kingdom.

The heat wave raises the price of electricity in the UK to ``55 times'' - GIGAZINE

Warren calculated that if the Xbox Series X were to be on standby for 24 hours, the monthly electricity bill would be about 4.93 pounds (about 820 yen), saying, ``By changing the type of standby mode, the startup time will be longer. Even though it's cumbersome, the seconds it takes to boot up can save you close to a monthly Netflix fee,' he argued.

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