I tried to eat and compare four kinds of Lotteria with a soft-boiled fried egg 'Semi-boiled Tsukimi Burger' & 'Semi-boiled Tsukimi Rice Burger'

From September 8, 2022, Lotteria will introduce 6 types of hamburgers with soft-boiled fried eggs that match the moon viewing season. During the moon viewing season in 2022, `` Soft- boiled Tamary Rice Burger '' and `` Soft- boiled Tamary Chicken Rice Burger '' using 100% domestically produced Koshihikari rice buns have newly appeared, so we used regular buns. I tried to eat and compare what kind of taste it is finished with Soft-boiled Tamater Burger and Soft- boiled Tamater Chicken Burger .

-Enjoy the fall of appetite with Lotteria's 'Toro-ri Soft-boiled Egg'! ~ “Toro-ri half-boiled moon viewing” will be sold for a limited time from September 8, 2022 (Thursday)! |Campaign|Lotteria


Arrive at Lotteria.

At the entrance of the store, there was a banner that appealed to the half-moon moon burger series.

This time, I ordered 2 pieces each of ``Semi-Boiled Tamateri Burger'', ``Semi-Boiled Tamateri Rice Burger'', ``Semi-Boiled Tamateri Chicken Burger'', and ``Semi-Boiled Tamateri Chicken Rice Burger'' and brought them back. It should be noted that the rice burger takes time to provide. This time it took 12 minutes to provide a total of 8 burgers.

Soft-boiled egg teriyaki burger & soft-boiled egg teriyaki rice burger
First of all, let's eat and compare 'half-boiled Tamateri Burger' and 'half-boiled Tamateri Rice Burger'.

When the wrapping paper was opened, lettuce was sandwiched in addition to fried eggs and patties in the `` soft-boiled Tamateri burger '', and nori was sandwiched in the `` soft-boiled Tamateri rice burger '' instead of lettuce.

The buns of 'Semi-Boiled Tamateri Burger' were lightly toasted on the back side, and two types of sauce, brown teriyaki sauce and white sauce, were painted.

White sauce is not painted on 'half-boiled Tamateri rice burger'.

When I ate the 'half-boiled tamateri burger', the sweet teriyaki sauce and patty were the main flavors, and the fried egg was thin. It's a satisfying teriyaki burger, but you might be disappointed if you're expecting a rich eggy flavor.

The 'half-boiled Tamateri rice burger' has a stronger fried egg flavor than the 'half-boiled Tamateri burger' due to its simple structure. The rice patty has a soy sauce-flavored chewy texture, and it goes well with the soft-boiled yolk. It was finished in a burger that you can taste 'Japanese breakfast' with nori and fried eggs.

Soft-boiled Tamary Chicken Burger & Soft-boiled Tamary Chicken Rice Burger
Next, let's eat and compare 'Semi-Boiled Tamatari Chicken Burger' and 'Semi-Boiled Tamatari Chicken Rice Burger'.

When you open the wrapping paper, you can see that lettuce is sandwiched between 'soft-boiled tamatari chicken burger' and nori is sandwiched between 'half-boiled tamatari rice chicken burger'.

When removing the buns of 'Semi-Boiled Tamateri Chicken Burger', two types of teriyaki sauce and white sauce were painted like 'Semi-Boiled Tamateri Burger'.

Under the fried egg, there was a chicken cut to the same size as the buns.

White sauce is not painted on 'half-boiled Tamatari rice chicken burger'.

When I ate the 'half-boiled Tamateri Chicken Burger', I felt the umami of chicken, and it was finished in a lighter flavor than the 'half-boiled Tamateri Burger'. However, like the 'half-boiled Tamater Burger', two kinds of sauce are the main taste, and the fried egg flavor was diluted.

On the other hand, the “soft-boiled egg teriyaki rice chicken burger” mixes the rice patty that melts in your mouth with the yolk of the fried egg, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavor of the egg. Rice patties with a chewy texture and fried eggs go very well together, so if you want to enjoy the flavor of eggs, we recommend choosing the rice burger.

In addition, `` Soft-boiled Tamateri Burger '' is 428 yen excluding tax, `` Soft-boiled Tamateri Rice Burger '' is 446 yen excluding tax, `` Soft-boiled Tamateri Chicken Burger '' is 428 yen, and `` Soft-boiled Tamateri Chicken Rice Burger ''. is 446 yen and can be eaten at Lotterias nationwide except for some stores for a limited time from September 8, 2022 (Thursday) to October 12, 2022 (Wednesday).

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