Which is the most standby power at standby in PS 4, Xbox One, and Wii U?


Game machines such as PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U each have a "standby mode" function that allows you to turn on the power immediately. During standby, keeping Internet connection, applying updates automatically, and finishing downloading the game, users can start the game without stress. What is the standby power during standby? How much is each watt and what is the annual cost? Ars Technica investigated that.

How "standby" modes on game consoles suck up energy | Ars Technica

Survey of Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)According to Xbox One, it consumes 40% of the normal startup power even during standby, and the power cost of Xbox One users throughout the United States will be 250 million dollars a year (about 29.8 billion yen) annually. Ars Technica who received this report measured the standby power during standby of all three models "PS 4", "Xbox One" and "Wii U" and investigated which hardware consumes the most standby power.

In the idling state in which the home menu is displayed and the display is turned off, the PS 4 becomes "130 W", the Xbox One becomes "92 W", the Wii U becomes "33 W", and when the power is completely turned off, about 0.3 W It will be. The annual cost is AmericanMinistry of Energy InformationThe power consumption per hour (kWh) = 12.15 cents (about 14.47 yen) which is announced is calculated on the basis.

◆ PS4: Standby mode (Rest Mode)
PS4Standby modeThe power consumption per hour of "Rest Mode" is "10 W", and the annual cost is "10.64 dollars (about 1260 yen)". For the method of completely turning off the power, select "Power mark from the function screen and select [Turn off PS4]" "Press and hold the PS button for 1 second or longer and press [Power off PS4] "Keep touching the power button for 7 seconds or longer (until you hear two" beeps ")."

If you do not want to switch off standby mode, you can reduce power consumption by setting from the menu "Power saving settings" → "Set functions during standby mode". The power consumption for each item that can be set is "Powered USB terminal (6.3 W)" "Keep connected to the Internet (2.4 W)" "Leave application suspended (1.2 W)" .

◆ Xbox One: Quick start power supply mode
You can start Xbox One just by saying "Xbox On"Quick start power supply modeThe standby power of "12.9 W", the annual cost is $ 13.73 (about 1630 yen). To completely turn off the power of Xbox One, switch to "power saving mode" from "Power on and start" menu OK. If Kinect is connected in the quick start power supply mode, standby power during voice recognition will be 22 to 23 W. As a result, just having someone talking in the room will waste power considerably.

◆ Wii U: Quick start mode
Wii U'squick startThe standby power of "13.3 W" will be recorded only while you are connected to the Internet, otherwise it will stay at "0.4 W". The annual cost is 0.42 dollars (about 50 yen) and it means that the standby power is lowest among the three models. However, since the power consumption of the new notification of the game pad is large, in order to turn off the power completely, it is necessary to turn off all items from "operation at power off". Also, the standby power when charging the game pad is 1.5 W to 3 W, but there is a function to automatically shut down when the battery is full.

Hardware with the most standby power during standby resulted in "Kinect connected Xbox One". Depending on the model you are consuming nearly 1200 yen ~ 1700 yen per year, so it may be better to incorporate "habit of turning off the power" firmly according to the play situation.

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