``Popular Programming Language 2022'' will be announced to understand programming languages that are popular on job sites and social sites

IEEE Spectrum, an academic journal published by IEEE, an academic research organization in the field of electrical and information engineering, has announced `` Top Programming Languages 2022 '', which summarizes popular programming languages.

Top Programming Languages 2022 - IEEE Spectrum


The popularity ranking of programming languages is as follows. When you access the page, the ranking (Spectrum) that emphasizes the preferences of IEEE members is displayed, but by clicking 'Jobs (job information)' or 'Trending (forum and social media trends)' You can switch to a ranking that puts weight on each.

Python topped the Spectrum (IEEE members' favorite) ranking, followed closely by C in second place. The C language, including C, is popular overall, and C, C++ in 3rd place, and C# in 4th place greatly surpass Python. Java in 5th place and JavaScript in 7th place are equally popular, with JavaScript in particular being driven by the increasing complexity of tools within websites and browsers, IEEE Spectrum noted. The 6th place is SQL, the 8th place is R , the 9th place is HTML , and the 10th place is TypeScript .

Among these powerhouses,

SQL is quietly growing in popularity. Looking at the Jobs rankings based on job information sites, SQL has overtaken Python in 3rd place and Java in 2nd place, and has taken the 1st place. In other words, it can be seen that companies are strongly looking for human resources who can use SQL. IEEE Spectrum said, ``I have read hundreds of job postings, but many companies are not looking for people who can use only SQL, but are looking for people who can use SQL in addition to another language. SQL may not be the most attractive language, but SQL experience will be a valuable asset.'

Fourth place is JavaScript, which was ranked 7th in Spectrum, and C language occupies 5th to 7th place. The following results were HTML in 8th place, TypeScript in 9th place, and

Scala in 10th place.

Also, the rankings that emphasize social forum sites such as GitHub , Reddit and Stack Overflow are as follows. Python ranked 1st, which is the same as Spectrum, but Java ranked 2nd and JavaScript ranked 4th. In addition, PHP , which was out of the top 10 in Spectrum and Jobs, ranked 8th, and Go ranked 10th. attached to

IEEE Spectrum referred to Google search, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Reddit, IEEE Xplore Digital Library , IEEE Jobs Site , CareerBuilder , and GitHub to create this ranking. IEEE Spectrum said, 'These are all fundamentally subjective decisions, and at the end of the day you can't directly measure what language people are programming in. If we need to make a different decision If you think so, please leave a comment explaining why.'

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