What is the programming language you use? Published popularity ranking "Top Programming Languages ​​2017", "Language in rapid growth" "Language that seems to be advantageous in finding employment"

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Society of electrical engineering and electronic engineering with headquarters in the United States "IEEE"IEEE Spectrum" by the academic journal by the popularity ranking of the programming language "Top Programming Languages ​​2017We announced. The ranking is unique to the data gathered from 10 information sources weighted by 12 metrics and it is unique, and in addition to the overall ranking, "ranking in rapidly growing language" or " Programming languages ​​ranking which seems to be advantageous in finding employment ", and programmers are a must-see content.

Interactive: The Top Programming Languages ​​2017 - IEEE Spectrum

Programming languages ​​appearing in the rankings range from those for web development to built-in types. "Language Rank" indicates the ranking ranking, "Types" indicates which programming language corresponds to web, mobile, enterprise, embedded, "Spectrum Ranking" is 100 points per programming language I am telling how much score is inside.

The icon in "Language Types" means web, mobile, enterprise, built-in from the left.

So, "Top Programming Languages ​​2017" by IEEE Spectrum is as follows. The first place in the overall ranking was "Python", with the second largest "C language" recorded a full score. Below, "Java" "C ++" "C #" "R" "JavaScript" "PHP" "Go" "Swift" Continued. The programming language "Go" by Google ranks ninth and Apple's programming language "Swift" ranks tenth, and the top 20 programming languages ​​are compatible with embedded types To the result that there are only four.

In addition to the overall ranking "IEEE Spectrum", "Trending (rapidly growing language ranking)", "Jobs (language ranking required for employees)" "Open (language popularity highly popular as open source)" It is also possible to check the rankings by 4 categories, Custom (language ranking freely by programmers).

The rapidly growing language ranking is as follows. The first place is also "Python", Apple 's "Swift" has soared up and ranked fifth.

The language rankings required for employees, that is, the programming language rankings that are likely to be advantageous in finding employment are as follows. Here, 1st place is "Java", "Python" is third place. Google's "Go" ranked ninth in the overall ranking, but in this ranking it steeply dropped to 18th place.

The popular language ranking as open source is as follows. Again here is the first place "Python", "HTML" was ranked 16th in the overall ranking but jumped up to 8th place.

Language rankings that programmers can freely design are as follows. Here again, the first place is "Python", which makes it clear that both the popularity and utility are top languages.

On the IEEE Spectrum page that published Top Programming Languages ​​2017, "I can not believe that Swift is this ranking, is it a development language for Mac?" "Swift works on server side Linux" and " Is it a bit strange to make HTML or SQL a programming language? "" I think programming languages ​​are "languages ​​that provide instructions to computers," so I do not mind being so much ", among programmers Interaction is also incandescent.

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