YouTube announces removal of videos containing misinformation about abortion

YouTube has updated its policy on incorrect information and announced that it will violate the policy and remove content that encourages 'insecure abortion methods' and 'incorrect information about abortion safety'.

YouTube to Remove Videos With Abortion Misinformation --Variety

On July 22, 2022, YouTube Insider , the official Twitter account for disseminating YouTube-related information to the media, announced that it will update the 'policy on incorrect information' and remove content containing false alarms regarding abortion. Did.

'As with all health and healthcare policies, we rely on guidance published by health authorities. YouTube provides people with content from authoritative sources on health topics. We will continue to review our policies and products as the actual events unfold. '

In addition, he explained that he has set up panels at the bottom of abortion-related videos and at the top of abortion-related search results to provide views and information on abortion by local and global health authorities. ..

Abortion-related information panel that the following is additionally displayed. You can see that the information is basically text-based and there are links for users who want to know more.

YouTube's policy is to post content that shows 'promotion of dangerous medications, treatments, substances' and 'contradictions to what is widely agreed among experts on certain safe medical practices'. Is prohibited. It seems that the removal of abortion-related content will basically be carried out in accordance with these policies.

This YouTube policy update stems from a decision in June 2022 by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the ' Roe v. Wade' ruling that unconstitutionally invalidates the law governing abortion of women. Said Variety of overseas media. Since the Roe v. Wade ruling was overturned, several states in the United States have enacted laws that criminalize abortion.

Also, in mid-July 2022, the gender judicial organization Ultra Violet and the medical organization Physicians for Reproductive Health will work together to spread disinformation related to abortion online to social media such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We have issued a statement calling for you to prevent it from happening. This statement has been signed by over 70 healthcare providers and over 190 organizations.

Medical Providers Call on Social Media Platforms to “Do No Harm” and Stop the Spread of Abortion-Related Disinformation Online – Physicians for Reproductive Health online /

Shaunna Thomas, Executive Director of UltraViolet, said of YouTube's efforts to remove false information about abortion: 'Pregnant people have always needed accurate information about sexuality, reproduction and health, and now Law vs. Wade. With the ruling overturned, there was an immediate need to prevent the spread of fake information. ”“ YouTube's decision to remove false information related to abortion and start linking to factual information , Will be an important step in protecting people searching online for the right public health and medical options. '

In addition, YouTube's parent company Google has just announced in early July 2022 that it will automatically delete visit information to highly private places such as abortion clinics from the location history.

Google announces that visit information to highly private places such as abortion clinics will be automatically deleted from location history --GIGAZINE

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