Where has the new Coronavirus Research Institute emanationism disappeared?

The theory that the origin of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which is rampant all over the world, may have been leaked at the Wuhan Institute of Veterinary Medicine in China has been discussed for some time. Matt Ridley and Alina Chan, authors of the book

Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19 , which delves into this 'laboratory emanationism,' said, 'The media and scientists are the virus. I have lost the realistic and urgent interest in trying to figure out the cause of the outbreak. '

What happened to the lab-leak hypothesis? --UnHerd

'Imagine the accidental launch of a nuclear missile killing 21 million people. The world shrugs and says,'You don't have to bother to find out why that happened.'' It's hard to say. The pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has killed so many people and destroyed the lives of billions of people. This has happened for over a century. It hasn't, and it has caused the greatest hardships since the 1940s to people all over the world, but the cause is still unknown and many people in the world don't want to know it. '

In the aforementioned co-authorship, Ridley et al. Said that they avoided speculation, focused on being able to prove it, digging deeper into the evidence, and found a thread linking the virus in southern China and Southeast Asia with the outbreak in Wuhan at the end of 2019. As a result, although it cannot be determined yet, it was concluded that two theories, the theory that spread from animals to humans in the market and the accident during the tour of laboratories and research institutes, are influential.

'Our claims are in line with the claims of the US Government, the G7, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the general public,' Ridley and colleagues said in a WHO report released in June 2022. It is important to assess the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 was brought into the human population through a laboratory accident. ”This is big news, as large as a nuclear missile destroys New York. So, it means that an accident may have occurred due to a human error. '

The books written by Ridley and others were praised by senior scientists, politicians, businessmen, journalists, etc., but many media outlets said that they had the opposite reaction. CNN invited Mr. Ridley and others to discuss this book, but CNN reportedly offered to cancel shortly before receiving strong opposition from a CNN reporter who specializes in the medical and health fields. Ridley and colleagues pointed out that the main media in the United States and the United Kingdom completely ignored the book, and the BBC, a public broadcaster in the United Kingdom, was no exception. In addition, the topic of research institute emanationism is tabooed by many mainstream media.

'It's clear why we're considered a threat,' Ridley and colleagues said. 'We weren't the radicals of the laboratory emanationism, but rather were attacked by those radicals, but in the scientific community. Critics have biased the issue by not letting us moderates speak, and have labeled the laboratory emanationism 'a theory endorsed by anti-scientific and ignorant groups.'

On the other hand, Chinese authorities have completely denied the laboratory emanationism. China has stated that any discussion about the possibility of a research institute emanation is like bullying foreigners. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said on June 10, 2022, 'The research institute emanationism is a complete lie created by anti-Chinese forces for political purposes and has nothing to do with science. ' It was . Ridley and colleagues point out that this attitude of the Chinese government puts universities and scientific magazines that depend on Chinese funds and the like in a tight spot. In addition, in January 2022, a related document stating that 'the theory of research institute emanation was silenced due to consideration for China' was revealed.

Government documents reveal that the new Corona's 'Wuhan Institute of Vessel Emanationism' was squeezed by the degree of sontaku to China --GIGAZINE

'This pandemic originated in a powerful and influential country where there was no press freedom, little freedom for scientists to speak, and information was centrally controlled by totalitarian dictators. It is certain that it will be very difficult to investigate, 'he said, but there is not enough evidence to deny the theory that the laboratory was leaked, so further investigation is needed. He emphasized that continued discussion is needed to develop a strategy for a similar pandemic in the future.

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