Why can't we completely deny the theory that the new coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute?

One of the reasons why the new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) is said to have 'spread from Wuhan City, China' is that there is a virus-specialized research institute called

'Wuhan Virus Research Institute' in the city. It is in the thought. The theory was denied by the World Health Organization (WHO) after an investigation, but USA Today, a major American popular newspaper, said in an editorial that 'there are regular cases of virus leaks from laboratories in the United States.' He points out and argues that 'the Wuhan Institute of Venomy's outflow theory cannot be denied.'

Why the COVID lab-leak theory in Wuhan shouldn't be dismissed

In February 2021, the WHO research team, who had been in Wuhan to elucidate the source of the new coronavirus, concluded that 'it is extremely unlikely that the new coronavirus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virginology.' ..

WHO Wuhan Research Team 'Low possibility of virus leakage from laboratory' | New coronavirus | NHK News

Regarding the reason for this conclusion, WHO's Peter Benembarek replied, 'The result of investigating the virus management status in the laboratory.' He said that there was no problem with the virus management status at the institute.

'It's common for viruses to leak from laboratories,' said Alison Young of USA Today, who specializes in investigative journalism. According to the company's report , many American laboratories are reluctant to report accidents related to biological research, providing important information such as the pathogens used in the experiments and laboratory mistakes, as well as disciplinary action by federal regulators. It is said that even a hidden laboratory has been confirmed. Some have ignored requests for information disclosure from the federal government, and harassed them by taking a 'disclosure request fee' of several hundred dollars (tens of thousands of yen) for information disclosure imposed as a condition of research expenses. It seems that some research institutes lobbyed to treat research records as an exception when investigating biological accidents.

Such in spite of the situation, even just to become clear, that high from the security of the research facilities of lethal to the clothes of staff bacteria is leaked adhering incident and, contaminated air flows out problem There incident that also the outlet hole after discovered was closed with duct tape, MERS coronavirus that genetic manipulation experiments have been performed without the approval of the authorities incidents ,Brucella infected neighboring cows flows out It is said that there have been cases in the United States where the beef meat was sold to the general public. Mr. Young argues that the possibility of leakage cannot be calculated from the 'daily life of the research institute' based on the superficial virus management status alone.

Regarding the origin of the new coronavirus, the theory that 'a virus derived from bats' is regarded as promising in the WHO expert team. The bat is a common host of coronavirus species, and as confirmed by the SARS coronavirus that caused the pandemic in 2003, 'the coronavirus that evolved in the bat first spreads to animals and then to humans. The general view is that it has spread. However, although there are cases where bats have identified a closely related species of the new coronavirus, Young says, 'There is no direct evidence linking the new coronavirus to the source of animal infection.'

'In order to reach the truth, we need to thoroughly and fairly investigate all valid theories,' Young said, citing the fact that the origin of the new coronavirus is being treated as a political issue. The WHO investigation mentions a lack of independence, expertise and access to information from the Chinese government.

China has refused to hand over unedited data on the new coronavirus to the WHO research team.

China refuses to hand over unedited data to WHO's new Corona study team-GIGAZINE

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