Microsoft releases security software 'Microsoft Defender' that can be used on iOS, Android, macOS

Microsoft offers enterprise users the '

Microsoft Defender for Endpoints ' to protect users from online threats. Microsoft Defender, which provides this Microsoft Defender for Endpoint technology for individual users, was announced on June 16, 2022. In addition to the Windows version, Microsoft Defender has iOS, Android, and macOS versions, which are immediately available to subscribers of Microsoft's subscription service ' Microsoft 365. '

Microsoft Defender for Personal | Microsoft Security

According to Microsoft, Microsoft Defender can constantly scan for viruses on devices with iOS, Android, and macOS installed in addition to PCs with Windows installed. It also has a function that allows the user to select the scan target by himself / herself.

In addition, Microsoft Defender allows you to check the protection status of multiple devices from one device. In addition, an alert will be sent immediately when the security status of the user changes, and a prompt response will be realized. In addition, it also provides the ability to display tips to help improve security.

'Microsoft Defender' for Windows, iOS, and Android can be obtained from the following links. The download of 'Microsoft Defender' itself is free, but you need to subscribe to Microsoft 365 to use it.

Microsoft Defender-Microsoft Store App

'Microsoft Defender' on the App Store

Microsoft Defender-Google Play app

For macOS, you can get the package file by accessing the official website and clicking 'Download for macOS'.

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