Introductory test of '3 days a week' for more than 3,300 workers begins in the UK, wages remain unchanged

It has been shown that the 'three-day work week system', which works four days a week and rests three days , contributes to improving productivity and reducing stress, and has been introduced by multiple companies. In the UK, 70 companies have begun a six-month three-day work week test, and more than 3,300 workers are practicing a work style of 'three-day work week with the same wages.'

Join the UK 4 Day Week pilot programme — 4 Day Week Global – The Future of Work

Britain Tests a 4-Day Workweek --The New York Times

The large-scale three-day weekly test, which is attended by more than 3,300 people, is conducted mainly by the non-profit organization ' 4 Day Week Global ,' which promotes the three-day weekly system. 4 Day Week Global held a briefing session on the test from February to March 2022, solicited participating companies, and started the test in June 2022.

During the test period, workers will continue to be paid the same wages as before the test began. In addition, 4 Day Week Global will support problem solving related to the 3-day weekly system during the test period. In addition, research teams from Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Boston College will investigate productivity and worker well-being, and analyze the effects of the three-day work week.

Companies participating in the test cover a wide range of industries, including financial services, marketing, and healthcare. A spokeswoman for Platten's Fish and Chips , one of the test-participating companies, said, 'By improving the work-life balance of our employees, we expect our work to be more efficient than ever.' He is expecting the effect of the three-day weekly system. 'We have long supported flexible working styles, but the pandemic has significantly moved the goal post for the introduction of a three-day weekly system,' said Ed Siegel, CEO of the UK-based bank Charity Bank . The reason for participating in the three-day weekly test is the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection.

In addition, 4 Day Week Global is planning a large-scale three-day weekly test in Ireland, the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

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