While the 'App Restore' function is being tested on Windows 11, a convenient function that allows you to migrate the entire previously installed application.

Since the apps used in the app store are managed on smartphones, you can easily reinstall the apps used on the previous device when changing models. It turns out that Microsoft is working on a similar feature in Windows 11.

Microsoft Store grows with the developer community --Windows Developer Blog


Windows 11'Restore Apps' feature will make it easier to set up new PCs

Microsoft updated its blog on May 24, 2022, announcing that it is testing the 'App Restore' feature, which reinstalls apps that were installed from the Microsoft Store. If you look at the screenshot below, you'll see that the Microsoft Store library has a button that lets you choose whether to restore all apps or specify which apps to restore.

About this, Microsoft said, 'To help customers switch to new PCs quickly and smoothly, we have a new feature on the Windows Insider channel that allows us to automatically restore apps that you previously installed from the Microsoft Store to your new Windows device. We'll test it. This new feature will help developers keep users as they don't have to remember to re-download the app. '

In addition to this function, a function to install the application from the search in the start menu will be added soon. Even in the current Windows, you can start the installed application by searching from the start menu, but with the new function, you can find the application you are looking for from the start menu, install it directly without going through the Microsoft Store, and start using it. It will be like.

Many Windows users have installed software by downloading executable files and compressed files of the software themselves, but in Windows 11, the distribution of apps through the app store has been enhanced. It will be from the Amazon Appstore instead of the Microsoft Store, but on May 24th it was announced that Android apps will be available soon.

Finally, 'Amazon Appstore' that can use Android applications on Windows 11 will be available in Japan --GIGAZINE

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