Leading streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video may be regulated by UK authorities

A new

white paper released by the British government reveals that the country's regulators plan to impose restrictions on major video streaming services such as Netflix.

Netflix, Disney + Among Streamers To Be Regulated In UK Govt Plans – Deadline

UK government wants to regulate Apple TV +, Netflix, and other streaming services ―― 9to5Mac

Ofcom , a telecommunications and broadcasting-related regulatory agency in the United Kingdom, is an agency that regulates and monitors content broadcast on television. However, there is a problem that streaming services such as Netflix and Disney +, which have become popular in recent years, are not covered by the broadcast code .

It is clear that Ofcom plans to impose new regulations on streaming services to protect viewers of such streaming services from harmful or offensive content and to apply the principles of fairness, accuracy and privacy. became.


white paper outlines 'fines for streaming services that violate Ofcom's broadcast code,' which can be £ 250,000 or up to 5% of sales. It seems that there will be an obligation to pay 'the higher one'.

Ofcom has been working to apply this guideline to streaming services for several years, and Netflix said it 'welcomes steps to update the legal framework.'

Only major streaming services such as Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video, and streaming services operated by large companies such as Apple TV + will be subject to restrictions. Therefore, it seems that the same regulations will be applied to small-scale streaming services.

The white paper also describes a plan to privatize Channel 4 , a public television station currently owned by the government and operated by advertising.

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