Apple's 5K monitor 'Studio Display', which costs 200,000 yen, has a problem with poor webcam quality, but there is a voice saying 'There is not much change'

Beta firmware has been released for developers to solve the low quality problem of webcams that many users of Apple's high-end monitor ' Studio Display ' with A13 Bionic chip and 5K Retina display have pointed out.

Studio Display's poor webcam quality is not a software bug --9to5Mac

Apple has a beta firmware to fix the Studio Display's bad webcam

Studio Display is a high-end monitor that Apple unveiled at the new product launch event on March 9, 2022. In addition to the 5K Retina display with a screen effective area of 27 inches and a resolution of 14.7 million pixels, a camera with 12MP, 122 degree viewing angle, and the first center frame compatible camera was introduced as one of the main features. , The user who actually picked it up criticized it as 'the quality of the camera is worse than other Apple devices'. In most cases, users have pointed out that the image looks blurry, faded, and noisy, so Apple said it ' will be improved in a future software update .'

And on April 26, Apple released beta firmware for developers that enhances camera image processing. The update is only available to users running the latest beta of macOS Monterey, and the general release date is unknown.

Some changes have been pointed out by the users who actually performed the update. Developer James Thomason published images taken after the update (1st), before the update (2nd), and iMac Pro (3rd), saying, 'The update significantly reduces noise and contrasts. Is a little higher, but it's still quite faded compared to the iMac Pro. '

Writer Jason Snell published videos taken after the update (left) and before the update (right), reporting that 'the update has expanded the range of trimming and now shows a wider range.' The center frame feature that Snell is also experimenting with digitally crops and displays the projected image, but this process can reduce the quality of the image. With the update, Apple seems to have made changes to the trimming process itself.

Apple Studio Display --firmware comparison (original vs april 26 update) --YouTube

9to5Mac, which summarizes Apple-related news, said, 'Unfortunately, no matter what Apple does about software updates, there's nothing that can dramatically improve the Studio Display's camera. The only possible solution to this problem. The solution is to use a higher resolution sensor so that the cropped image is at least 12MP, or use a larger sensor to capture more light, but to this. Needs an upgrade of the hardware itself. '

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