News streaming 'CNN +' ends service in just one month from the start

It was announced that CNN + , a paid news streaming service started by CNN , which started as the world's first 24-hour news channel, will end in just one month from the start of the service. From the media, there are voices such as 'It was destined to end the service from the beginning.'

CNN + will shut down at the end of April --CNN

CNN Plus is shutting down only a month after it launched --The Verge

RIP CNN +, March 2022-April 2022 | Ars Technica

CNN announced that it will end the news streaming service CNN +, which started on March 29, 2022, on April 30. CNN CEO Chris Licht said of the end of service, 'It does not reflect the quality of the content delivered on the service with the talented staff of CNN +. Also, some of the content delivered on CNN +. Will move to other services. 'It seems that some of the content will continue to be delivered by another service.

'In the complex streaming market, consumers want an all-in-service that combines a better experience with a simplicity that offers more value than standalone products,' he said. It is said that the cause of CNN +'s defeat is that it was not an all-in-service that provided all the content required for the service.

Employees who were engaged in providing CNN + services will be able to receive salary for the next 90 days, but if they cannot find another role within CNN, they will receive a severance pay for 6 months. You can also receive. According to media reports, Andrew Morse, head of CNN +, will be leaving CNN.

CNN plans to spend about $ 1 billion on CNN + over the next few years, and has already invested at least $ 100-300 million in its services. It is reported that. CNN wanted to increase the number of paid CNN + members to 2 million in the first year and 15-18 million in the four years, but as of the fourth week of April 2022, it had only 150,000. It was reported that he was staying at.

CNN + started its service just before the merger of Discovery and CNN's parent company, WarnerMedia. With the merger of the two companies, the executives of Warner Bros. Discovery, the new company and CNN's parent company, will shift to a management policy of coming up with a plan that combines two streaming services, HBO Max and Discovery +. Therefore, 'I think I was dissatisfied with CNN +,' which started the service at this time, reports the overseas media The Verge.

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