'Fanta Premier Lemon' tasting review that is perfect for adults with authentic acidity and bitterness using nigori lemon juice and peel extract

Many people used to drink Coca-Cola's fruit-based carbonated drink '

Fanta ' as a child, but as they grew older, they stopped drinking it. In the ' Fanta Premier ' series of slightly luxurious fruit-based carbonated drinks for such adults, ' Fanta Premier Lemon ', which is particular about not only the refreshing sweetness and acidity but also the slight bitterness of lemon, has appeared. Using nigiri lemon juice and lemon peel extract, it is not too sweet and is perfect for adults who want a sense of authenticity, so I tried drinking it first to see what kind of adult Fanta is finished.

The 4th installment of the popular 'Fanta Premier' series for adults! 'Fanta Premier Lemon', a perfect blend of the bittersweetness, sweetness and sourness of lemon juice, will be released nationwide from April 25, 2022. Hiroshi Abe will be appointed as the new CM character | Press Center | Coca-Cola Japan Ltd.

The package of 'Fanta Premier Lemon' looks like this. Starting with the ' Fanta Premier Grape ' that appeared in March 2020, new flavors have frequently appeared in the 'Fanta Premier' series, and the 'Fanta Premier Lemon' is the fourth.

Instead of the clear shades of orange and purple that I was used to when I was a kid, the golden labels and logos make me feel more mature. The lemon juice used is 11%.

Looking at the raw material names, lemon, orange pulp, salt, lemon peel extract, etc. were used.

The calorie per 100 ml is 48 kcal, which is about 182 kcal when converted to one (380 ml).

Due to the use of turbid juice and orange pulp, a little solid content is settled toward the bottom.

Therefore, it is recommended to turn it over slowly and wait for a while before drinking.

When you pour it into a cup, it will pop out with swashwa and carbonic acid.

If you look closely, you can see that solids are floating on the surface of the water.

When you drink it immediately, you can feel the sourness and bitterness of lemon while it is sweet, and the crisp taste spreads in your mouth. Rather than 'drinking all at once' like Fanta, which I drank when I was a child, it was finished as a carbonated drink with the impression that 'drinking relaxedly while tasting the flavor of lemon' is more suitable for adults.

'Fanta Premier Lemon' can be purchased at retail stores nationwide, Amazon, etc. from April 25, 2022, and the suggested retail price is 150 yen (excluding tax) per bottle.

Amazon | Coca-Cola Fanta Premier Lemon 380ml PET x 24 | Fanta | Carbonated Beverages Online

Also, by following the Fanta official Twitter account (@Fanta_Japan) and RT the following tweets, you can apply for a campaign where you can win one case of 'Fanta Premier Lemon'.

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