Apple faces additional antitrust charges in the EU for music streaming services, due to investigation by Spotify complaints

Reuters said Apple could face additional antitrust charges by the EU in the coming weeks in connection with the fees it collects on the App Store for iOS and the market competition for music streaming services. I reported. The new accusations are based on an investigation into complaints filed by major music streaming service Spotify.

EXCLUSIVE Apple faces extra EU antitrust charge in music streaming probe | Reuters

Apple Faces Further Charges in EU Antitrust Case Triggered by Spotify --MacRumors

A 30% fee, also known as 'Apple tax,' is charged for app purchases and in-app purchases on the App Store. Spotify has long had to add a commission to the original paid plan amount for Spotify users who use Apple's payment system, resulting in a monthly fee for Apple Music, Apple's music streaming service. He has argued that the collection of fees hinders fair competition because it exceeds the fees.

Spotify accuses European Commission of antitrust violations saying 'Apple's too high fees hinder fair competition'-GIGAZINE

The European Commission, the EU's policy enforcement body, has been suspected of violating EU antitrust laws, saying that 'Apple is distorting the market for music streaming services through the rules of the App Store' in response to this complaint. Warned in April 2021. Reuters points out that similar issues are being scrutinized in the United States and the United Kingdom.

And on April 11, 2022, Reuters said in a statement from someone familiar with the matter, 'Apple will file additional charges of EU antitrust violations in the coming weeks after an investigation triggered by a complaint from Spotify. I will face you. ' The additional accusations will be included in the supplementary statement of the opposition issued when EU competition law enforcement officers collect new evidence or change the factors that support the proceedings. The European Commission declined to comment on Reuters, and Apple did not respond immediately.

Even in the final draft of the 'Digital Maekets Act (DMA)' agreed by the European Council and the European Parliament in March 2022, Apple's practice in question is illegal, but the crackdown actually begins. It will take more than a few years. Damien Geradin, a lawyer who advises app developers in Apple proceedings, said, 'DMA will probably apply to Apple in early 2024, so this proceeding is still important. '.

In addition to investigating music streaming services, Reuters points out that Apple's practices in ebooks and Apple Pay are also on the line of investigation for EU antitrust violations.

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