What is the performance of the artificial satellite that uncovered the atrocities of the Russian army?

After the Russian troops withdrew from some parts of Ukraine, the bodies of many Ukrainian people killed by the Russian troops were found. The Russian army has denied the killing of civilians, but satellite images taken from space reveal the fact that 'the body was left unattended before the withdrawal of the Russian army.' Live Science, a scientific media, summarizes the performance of the artificial satellite that took this satellite image.

Mass grave and bodies in Ukraine imaged from space | Live Science

Ukrainian Under Secretary of Defense Hannya Mallar announced on April 3, 2022 that Ukrainian troops had retaken the entire Kyiv (Kyiv) from Russian troops. Along with this, media companies entered Kieu, and a large number of bodies believed to be civilians were found in Bucha, located northwest of Kieu. Russia claimed that it was 'disinformation prepared by Ukraine to launch an information war' about the body discovery report, but the news giant New York Times was taken by satellite images taken by artificial satellites and on-site. By analyzing the images, we have found out the fact that 'the body was left on the street before the withdrawal of the Russian army'.

Dead Lay Out in Bucha for Weeks, Refuting Russian Claim, Satellite Images Show --The New York Times

The New York Times analysis used satellite imagery from Maxar , a satellite imagery sales service. At the time of writing the article, Maxar operated four artificial satellites for photography, of which the highest-performance artificial satellite ' WorldView-3 ' is sufficient to distinguish humans, automobiles, and other objects on the ground. You can take high-resolution satellite images of 'about 30 cm square per pixel'.

According to Maxar, WorldView-3 orbits at an altitude of 618 km, and depending on the climatic conditions, it is possible to shoot the same point twice a day. Due to this feature of 'capturing the same spot with high image quality and high frequency', 'the satellite image taken on February 28, before the invasion of Bucha, does not show the body, and the Russian army is controlling Bucha. The satellite image taken from March 11th to 30th clearly showed the body, 'which proved the slaughter of civilians by the Russian army.

In addition, Maxar has taken satellite images around Ukraine before the start of the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, and provides information on the march of the Russian army and satellite images recording the damage of the attack to the media companies. Some of the satellite images that Maxar has taken so far are summarized on the following pages.

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