I tried playing 'Kenmochi's watermelon game' that connects the faces of Nijisanji river Kenmochi Touya and makes it bigger without free & installation required

A puzzle game '

Watermelon Game ' that aims for the highest score while making the largest fruit, watermelon, by hitting the same fruits against each other and transforming them into larger fruits, with bamboo swords and ago charms belonging to Nijisanji. The 'Kenmochi Watermelon Game ' reproduced by the point VTuber , Touya Kenmochi was released by Mr. Bakemon of Girach, so I actually played it.

Synthetic watermelon

Since the game is smartphone-sized, you can access it from your smartphone's browser. When you tap the screen and release your finger, the round piece displayed at the top is ...

It falls down with a pot.

You can also move the drop position of the round piece to the left or right by tapping and holding it down and moving your finger to the left or right.

When the same piece touches ...

The two pieces stick together and change into a larger piece. When they stick together, the voice sound effect that the familiar Touya Kenmochi mutters 'Lolli Lol Lol Lolli' will be played by not issuing the official voice.

If you hit the same piece and change it into a bigger piece, you will get points. Various Touya Kenmochi will disappear, and new Touya Kenmochi will be born.

By tapping the mark on the upper right, you can change the piece to be dropped next to another piece.

The dropped piece rolls around. Pieces must be dropped carefully, as you must predict in which direction they will roll against other pieces or walls, not just where they will fall.

As in the movie below, the chain is decided and it feels really good.

It feels good if the chain is decided by 'Kenmochi's watermelon game' that connects the faces of Touya Kenmochi and makes them bigger while erasing them --YouTube

After a lot of stacking, a red dotted line was displayed at the top. The game is over when the piece crosses this red dotted line.

You can make space by connecting and erasing the same pieces, but there will be situations where the pieces do not come into contact with each other due to interference, so they will gradually pile up.

Eventually, the winking piece of Touya Kenmochi ran off the red dotted line ...

All pieces disappear.

The game is over. Tap the screen here.

The final score is displayed. The simple rules and the voice of 'Lolli Lol Lol Lolli' are addictive, and the game is so addictive that you will play for a long time when you notice it.

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