The FBI posted an ad for a spy recruitment for Russia, where President Putin urged 'to be honest!'

It is reported that the FBI is deploying

geo-targeting advertisements using the location information of smartphones around the Russian embassy and is soliciting information from Russian government officials and the general public.

FBI recruits Russian spies outside Russian embassy in DC --The Washington Post

FBI trolls Russian embassy with geotargeted ads for disgruntled spies | Ars Technica

For example, distributing advertisements for Japanese people all over the world has little effect, so it is necessary to target by country or region. Geo-targeting advertisements that use location information are used there, and SNS such as Facebook allows you to set the target area in detail, such as around a specific facility.

Below is a Facebook ad that the FBI used to target around the Russian embassy. The advertisement uses a picture of Mr. Sergey Evgenievic Naryshkin, the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, who was glared at by President Vladimir Putin. In Russian, 'To be honest, Sergey Evgenievic!' The line with is also written. In addition, below that, 'Speak honestly ... we are ready to hear,' the FBI is appealing for information.

The ad appears to have in mind a meeting on the agenda of the independence approval of the eastern region of Ukraine for the invasion of Ukraine, where President Putin requested Mr. Naryshkin to clarify his pros and cons.

You can see what kind of exchanges took place about 1 minute after the start of the following movie.

Mr Putin points out 'Fumi-e' 'Agree or disagree' to executives ... --YouTube

The ad mentioned above appears on Facebook as a reporter from The Washington Post walks by the Russian embassy in Washington, DC on March 23, 2022, and moves across a street to the next block. It is no longer displayed. The Washington Post has confirmed that similar ads are running on Twitter and Google.

Former FBI agent Peter Lap said of the ad, 'I think there are a lot of people in the Russian government who are tremendously dissatisfied with this'Putin's War'. It's a great ad to see if anyone has any information to help you understand Putin. '

On Facebook, measures were temporarily taken to allow a limited amount of violent posts targeting President Putin and others, and a Russian wealthy man posted a post that puts a bounty on President Putin's identity. There is also.

Russian wealthy man gives President Putin a prize of 100 million yen, 'life or death does not matter' --GIGAZINE

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