M1 Ultra, Mac Studio, 3rd generation iPhone SE, 5th generation iPad Air, etc. announced Apple event summary

Apple delivered the announcement event from 3:00 on March 9, 2022 Japan time. At the event, 'M1 Ultra', a new Apple Silicon for 3rd generation iPhone SE and Mac, was announced, and 'Mac Studio', a new Mac equipped with M1 Ultra, is also appearing.

Apple Events-Apple

Apple Event — March 8 --YouTube

CEO Tim Cook is here

First from Apple TV +.

First of all, from Apple TV + original work.



'Luck' inherits the spirit of 'Toy Story' and 'Cars'


'CHA CHA Real Smooth'

And on Apple TV + ...

As you can see the MLB game. It seems that two of the games held on Friday local time will be delivered.

In addition, the 3rd generation iPhone SE, 5th generation iPad Air, M1 Ultra, Mac Studio, etc. were announced at the event, and the details can be checked from the following articles.

・ March 09, 2022 03:13
3rd Generation iPhone SE Appears & New Colors Added to iPhone 13 Series-GIGAZINE

・ March 09, 2022 03:25
Introducing the 5th generation iPad Air that has evolved explosively with M1 installed --GIGAZINE

・ March 09, 2022 03:43
The top chip 'M1 Ultra', which is an ultra fusion of two M1 Max, has appeared, and the memory bandwidth reaches 800GB / s with a maximum of 128GB of unified memory-GIGAZINE

・ March 09, 2022 03:50
Professional 'Mac Studio' with M1 Ultra for up to 939,800 yen and 'Studio Display' with A13 Bionic & 5K Retina display are now available-GIGAZINE

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