Users who oppose Russia blame Putin's invasion of Ukraine in word-of-mouth reviews such as Google Maps.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, there has been growing criticism of Russia around the world. However, it is not possible to distinguish between the nation and the individual, and some people are harassed or harassed by Russian restaurants and cafes, which is a problem. It is reported that Russian restaurants and cafes are flooded with political writing with a service that can review reviews of shops and facilities such as Google Maps.

Keyboard army using restaurant reviews to take on Russian state media | Reuters

Russian protestors flood review sites with political messages — Quartz

Tripadvisor, Google Maps Suspend Reviews of Some Russian Listings, a Google Maps and Russian word-of-mouth review site, wrote in a review of Moscow's most popular seafood restaurant: 'Sending troops to Ukraine is a war, not a special operation! Russian troops are children and civilians. 'It's good here. But Putin invaded Ukraine and ruined our mood. Now it's time to stand up against the dictator and kill innocent people! Russia! The government is lying. '

Also, according to Reuters, some users are planning to include Ukrainian photos in reviews of popular restaurants. In fact, some users have posted a review that says, 'Write about the war in the body of the review and attach photos of destroyed buildings, casualties, and people in the air raid shelter.'

In response to these reviews, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sovinyan said that 'overseas users are conducting psychological information attacks,' and that the reviews written were by bots. 'Don't take the call of the provocatives. They aim to weaken and confuse Moscow's rule. They are trying to divide us Moscow citizens,' said Mayor Sovinyan. ..

In response to these movements, Google Maps has taken temporary blocking measures to prevent reviews of stores and facilities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus from being displayed. A Google spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal that it has stopped publishing new images and videos from the area.

Also, on TripAdvisor, which is a review site for accommodation facilities, there are more and more posts that pretend to be reviews and criticize Russia's invasion of Ukraine. A TripAdvisor spokeswoman said it plans to temporarily suspend writing containing political content rather than store reviews and direct problematic users to a forum to talk about the invasion of Ukraine. ..

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