Netflix announces live-action movie of popular game 'Bioshock'

Netflix, game company 2K and Take-Two Interactive have revealed that they are making a live-action movie of the popular game '

Bioshock '. Produced by Vertigo Entertainment , known for ' The Ring ' and 'Ju-on Pandemic ,' the release date, director, and cast are unknown.

'BioShock' Movie Coming to Netflix --Variety

Netflix is making a live-action BioShock movie --The Verge

Bioshock is a first-person shooter (FPS) -style action RPG released in 2007. The sequel ' Bioshock 2 ' was released in 2010, and the successor ' Bioshock Infinite ' was released in 2013. Has sold a total of 39 million units in the series.

The first work is about the hero who encountered an airplane accident and adventures in the undersea city rupture that he accidentally got lost in. All the residents of Rupture are insane, and the main character aims to escape from Rupture while making full use of the supernatural powers gained by genetic alteration.

The character that can be said to be the symbol of this Bioshock is 'Big Daddy' dressed in a huge diving suit. In the game, you can see a mysterious girl called 'Little Sister' escorting and wandering around in the rupture. The live-action movie announcement tweet from Netflix's official Twitter account also includes an image of Big Daddy.

According to the IT-related news site The Verge, this live-action movie is a visualization of the Bioshock series, with the first and second undersea city ruptures as the stage, and the floating city that was the setting for Bioshock Inifinite. There is a possibility that Colombia will be drawn.

In addition, this is not the first time that Bioshock was planned to be made into a movie, and Universal Pictures also announced a plan to entrust a megaphone to director Gore Verbinski to make it into a movie, but the budget was announced in 2009. It was canceled because it swelled to 160 million dollars (about 1.8 billion yen), which is about double the original amount.

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said, 'Netflix is one of the best and most advanced storytellers of all entertainment today. It's loved by millions of fans around the world. We are excited to share our vision and commitment to the Bioshock series with Netflix. '

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