An American-born gold medalist who can use Instagram even though he is a representative of China is criticized for posting that 'anyone can use VPN'

In China, there is an internet censorship system called

Great Firewall , and you cannot access SNS such as Facebook and Instagram, websites dealing with politically sensitive issues, news websites, etc. from within China. Meanwhile, Eileen Gu (Chinese name: Eileen Gu) , who participated in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and won the gold medal at the Freestyle Skiing Women's Big Air, can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) if he wants to avoid Internet censorship in China. He commented on Instagram that he should do it, and has been criticized by Chinese Internet users.

Eileen Gu said VPN is free in China. Her message was blocked. --Protocol

Eileen Gu's Instagram comment causes fury in China | The Independent

China censors Olympic gold medalist's defense of China's internet censorship on Instagram

Goo, who has an American father and a Chinese mother, was born in California, USA in 2003. rice field. Goo, who has been active as a representative of the United States since the 2017 season, announced that he had acquired Chinese nationality in 2019 and became a representative of China, and participated in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as a representative of China. He won the gold medal at the Freestyle Skiing Women's Big Air.

Ski Freestyle Women's Big Air Chinese 18-year-old player Kim | Ski (freestyle) | NHK News

Although Goo has an advertising contract with a famous Chinese brand, he still lives in the United States at the time of writing the article and has decided to go on to Stanford University. Since dual nationality is not allowed in China, when a question about nationality was asked at a press conference after winning the gold medal, Goo said, 'I spend about a quarter of a year in China.' When I'm in China, I'm American, and when I'm in China, I'm Chinese. '

Goo uses Instagram to post some photos during the Olympics. In response to Goo's post, one Instagram user said, 'Why are you able to use Instagram and not many Chinese in mainland China? Why are you treated as such a special Chinese citizen? Probably. This is not fair. Please speak up for the large number of Chinese who do not have the freedom of the Internet. '

In response to this comment, Goo replied, 'Anyone can download a VPN. It's literally Free on the App Store.' He insisted that if he wanted to avoid Internet censorship in China, he could use a VPN service. In addition, it seems that the comment has been deleted at the time of writing the article, but screenshots of the exchange are on the market.

When this screenshot was spread on the Chinese version of Twitter's Weibo, there were pros and cons to Goo. Some users praised Goo's reaction as 'defending China,' while Goo 'doesn't understand the situation of the Chinese people at all' and 'is unaware that he is in a privileged position.' There are also voices blaming it.

A Weibo user commented, 'Literally, I'm not included in'Anyone'. Literally, it's illegal for me to use a VPN. Literally, it's neither free nor free.' While there are certainly some Chinese people who use VPNs in hiding, Chinese authorities are blocking many VPN services, and people who use VPNs

may be fined . Also, if you are already in China, it is difficult to install the VPN service, and if you want to use VPN in China, you need to install it when you are abroad.

It is also reported that as the topic of Goo's remarks spread on Weibo, screenshots of Instagram posts were finally censored and no longer displayed on Weibo. One user ironically said about the situation, 'Is there anything in a country where (the screenshot) is invisible?'

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