Convicted of 3 years and 4 months in prison by hacker organization leader with the same name as Bowser


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Gary Bowser, one of the leaders of the hacker organization 'Team Xecuter', was sued by Nintendo America for making illegal copies of games for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. , A federal district judge sentenced him to 40 months in prison (3 years and 4 months).

Nintendo Switch hacker called Bowser is jailed for causing $ 65m losses to gaming companies | The Independent

Bowser is in charge of running the website as the face of 'Team Xecuter'. He was arrested in the Dominican Republic in October 2020 and deported to the United States for trial. 'Bowser' is the English name of the character Bowser that appears in the 'Mario' series, so it became a hot topic as Nintendo sued Bowser.

Nintendo sues Bowser-GIGAZINE

According to federal agents, the damage to the game company by Bowser and others is about $ 65 million.

In October 2021, Bauzer pleaded guilty to 'a conspiracy to evade technical means and buy and sell evasive devices' and 'trading evasive devices,' and as part of a judicial transaction, Nintendo Agreed to pay a compensation of 4.5 million dollars (about 520 million yen).

In December 2021, we paid about 10 million dollars (about 1.16 billion yen) in a civil lawsuit with Nintendo and settled it. As a condition of the settlement, Bowser has handed over the online registry and domain of 'Team Xecuter' and agreed not to directly or indirectly infringe Nintendo's copyright in the future.

However, this criminal proceeding in the federal district court is separate from the civil proceedings, and could be up to 10 years in prison. The prosecution said it was planning to imprison Bowser for five years in prison with the intention of 'showing' to a hacking organization doing the same thing.

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