Eight times as much garlic and rich hormones, the ultimate legendary Sutadon restaurant 'Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsuta Don' tasting review

'Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsuta Don ' has been added to the menu of the legendary Sutadonya for a limited time from January 10, 2022 (Monday). The special tonkotsu soy sauce sauce made from thick tonkotsu hormones and ribs is 8 times more garlic than regular rice bowls. I was wondering what kind of feeling it was, so I actually bought it and tried it.

[Limited time offer] Released on 1/10 (Monday) ★ 'Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsuta Don' | Legendary Sutadonya / Specialty Sutadon Shop [Official Site]

Arrived at the legendary Sutadonya.

There is a signboard at the store that appeals to the appearance of the limited-time menu.

That's why I bought a regular bowl of 'Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsuta Don' and came back.

When you open the lid, the scent of garlic rises from the shining sea of fat.

Immediately, I will insert the soft-boiled egg that came with it and eat it.

With the tonkotsu soy sauce sauce, you can feel the 'feeling of eating meat' with its moderate elasticity and umami. It has a strong and salty taste, so it is recommended to eat it with a soft-boiled egg.

The rich, fat and rich hormonal flavor is complemented by the savory garlic flavor, so the white rice disappeared into the stomach as soon as I saw it.

From January 10, 2022, you can order 'Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsuta Don' at the legendary Sutadon restaurant, except for some stores, and you can also take it home and deliver it. The price is 1123 yen including tax, but it depends on the store.

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