Soap bubbles made by researchers seriously remain unbroken for 465 days

As expressed by the word 'foam', bubbles disappear in a short time. A French physicist succeeded in keeping such bubbles for 465 days, and published the results in a paper entitled 'Eternal Bubbles'.

Phys. Rev. Fluids 7, L011601 (2022) --Evaporating bubbles and liquid films resisting drainage, evaporation, and nuclei-induced bursting

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When a substance with high surface activity such as soap dissolves in water, the surface tension weakens and bubbles are likely to form. Normally, this bubble evaporates over time and bursts within minutes.

In 2017, French physicist Yousra Timounay succeeded in significantly increasing the strength by mixing plastic particles with foam. This bubble, called gas marble, has attracted attention in the field of materials engineering, but no one has investigated how long the bubble lasts. Therefore, Aymeric Roux, a physicist belonging to the University of Lille in France, started research on the sustainability of gas marble.

Roux et al. Prepared soap bubbles with detergent, gas marble with water, and gas marble with water and glycerin to increase the strength, and how long it takes for each to burst. Measure if it takes. A normal soap bubble bursts in about 1 minute, but a gas marble using water lasts for about 9 minutes, and a gas marble using water and glycerin lasts for about 7 days.

Glycerin, which is strongly associated with water molecules, prevents the evaporation of water, and Roux et al. Searched for the optimum ratio of glycerin. In the end, we succeeded in sustaining the foam for a very long time, from 5 weeks to a maximum of 465 days.

In addition, Roux et al. Have also succeeded in molding the foam into a pyramid shape, and it is said that this pyramid-shaped foam lasts for more than 378 days.

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