Hamster infected with new corona, 2000 slaughtered

Eleven hamsters were tested positive for the new coronavirus delta strain at a pet store in Hong Kong. Hong Kong officials have announced that they plan to slaughter about 2,000 animals, saying that 'there is no evidence that livestock will spread to humans, but caution is required.'

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Of the 178 hamsters, rabbits and chinchillas sold and bred at a pet store called 'Little Boss ' in Hong Kong on January 18, 2022, 11 hamsters were tested for the delta strain of the new coronavirus. Was diagnosed as positive. These tests were triggered by a 23-year-old clerk working at the store receiving a positive diagnosis, and all the hamsters that were tested were imported from the Netherlands. Also, in addition to the hamster, two clerk who were in charge of breeding the hamster were also diagnosed as positive, but did the infection spread from the employee to the hamster or from the hamster to the employee? Is unknown at the time of reporting.

Following the test results, Hong Kong authorities have announced an immediate suspension of hamster sales and all rodent imports. We quarantined those who entered Little Boss after January 7, 2022, and requested delivery to those who purchased hamsters after December 22, 2021.

According to media reports, the delivered hamsters will be euthanized regardless of the test results, and the total number is expected to be about 2000.

'There is no evidence that livestock will spread to humans, but we need to be cautious,' Health Minister Sophia Chan said in response to the series of situations. 'Pet owners should closely observe their hygiene and wash their hands if they come in contact with pets or food,' said Leon Siufai, director of the Agriculture and Fisheries Conservation Department. 'Do not kiss pets.' I called.

Even if it is confirmed that the new coronavirus does not spread from animals to humans at the time of discovery, it is thought that if the infection continues between animals, a mutant strain that spreads to humans can be born. .. In November 2020, a variant of the new coronavirus found in mink in Denmark spread to 12 people, killing 17 million animals.

A mutant of the new coronavirus infects humans from mink, killing 17 million minks-GIGAZINE

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Hong Kong continues the 'Zero Corona Policy' advocated by mainland China, and when an infection case of Omicron strain, which is one of the mutant strains, is reported, the bar and gym will be closed and the provision of meal service after 18:00 will be prohibited. We are taking strict measures. On the other hand, the Animal Cruelty Prevention Association has already issued a statement against the disposition of hamsters this time, and it has also invited opposition from Internet users.

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