Twitter lifted ban in Nigeria, which had been suspended for seven months as 'contrary to national interests'

In the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a country in central Africa, it was found that Twitter's indefinite suspension of operations, which had been in effect since June 2021, has been lifted and can be used again.

Nigeria lifts Twitter ban from midnight, government official says | Reuters

Nigerian govt suspends Twitter'indefinitely'

It is believed that Twitter deleted a tweet by President Muhammad Buhari in June 2021 that triggered the series of events. Twitter has deleted a series of tweets that President Buhari said he would crack down on terrorists attacking government facilities, saying, 'Thirty months of battlefield experience are what they can understand. I will handle it. '

The following group of tweets by President Buhari seems to be related to the topic.

Nigeria's Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, announced in June 2021 that Twitter would be shut down, saying 'the platform is suspected of being used for activities that could undermine Nigeria's national interests.'

However, in November 2021, the response to Twitter had nothing to do with President Buhari's tweet deletion, and it was delayed to meet some of the 12 conditions requested by the Nigerian government, so it is not a 'ban' but a problem. It is explained that it is only 'stopped' because it has not been resolved.

Twitter was not banned in Nigeria --Lai Mohammed speaks in Paris --Daily Post Nigeria

Is the lifting of the suspension of Twitter announced by Secretary of State for Information Technology Development Kasif Abdullah realized by the fact that Twitter meets the '12 conditions' explained by Minister Mohammed, or is it another factor? Is not clear.

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