[Obituary] Musician and composer Hajime Fukuma passed away, playing an active part in P-MODEL, etc.

It was announced that Hajime Fukuma, who was active as a musician and composer, died on January 1, 2022. I was 51 years old.

Mr. Fukuma was born on November 10, 1970 in Osaka prefecture. He started band activities when he was a teenager, and in 1994, participated in P-MODEL, which had completed 'revision' after the second suspension of activities. Remixed songs from the album 'Corrective Errors ~ remix of Funa', composed 'COLORS' from the maxi single 'ASHURA CLOCK', and composed 'BOGY' and 'Satellite ALONE' from the album 'Electronic Tragedy / ~ ENOLA'. rice field.

COLORS was 'the first professional song'.

After the suspension of P-MODEL activities in 2000, he participated in YAPOOS until 2005. He also participated in Kera & The Synthesizers. In parallel with group activities, he formed the soyuz project in 2001 as his own unit, and is also active as a solo artist.

The 1st full album 'Flowers' has a preview movie on YouTube where you can hear the touch of all the songs.

Listen to all songs of Hajime Fukuma's full album 'Flowers' --YouTube

Susumu Hirasawa and Kenji Konishi, who were P-MODEL members, also participated in the full album ' this is our music' released in 2020.

In 2021, he talked with Mr. Hirasawa and Mr. Konishi in the first issue of the synthesizer magazine 'FILTER Volume.01'. You can watch the improvisational session on the modular synth that took place shortly afterwards on YouTube.

Kenji Konishi x Hajime Fukuma “Red LaBre Code” --YouTube

In response to the obituary, Mr. Hirasawa and Mr. Konishi have announced the following comments.

In contact with Hajime Fukuma's obituary – Susumu Hirasawa, official website | information

According to the announcement on the official website, Mr. Fukuma has been suffering from illness since 2014, and since it is difficult to cure it, he planned to devote himself to rest in 2021 and resume creative activities from 2022 with the aim of coexisting with the illness. matter. The following comment was announced that it was written in preparation for 'a time of farewell that may come suddenly someday'.

I'm sorry for the people who have been involved with me and I can't take responsibility.

After that, if you are contacted by an acquaintance or a music companion, please say 'Thank you for acquainting'.

Thank you.

Hajime Fukuma

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