More than 40 fraudulent camels who have undergone cosmetic surgery in a beauty camel contest with a prize of over 7 billion yen are disqualified

At the 'King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival ' that started in Saudi Arabia in December 2021, the 'Beauty Camel Contest' is popular, where you compete for the most beautiful camel seat and a prize of about $ 66 million (about 7.5 billion yen). It is reported that more than 40 camels who underwent cosmetic surgery prohibited by the rules of the contest were disqualified from the contest.

Dozens of camels barred from Saudi beauty contest over Botox --ABC News

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In Saudi Arabia, camel breeding is an industry on the scale of hundreds of millions of yen, and many camel-related events such as camel races and fairs are held. The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, which takes place every year in the desert northeast of Riyadh, is one of the largest events and is a national excitement every year.

The Abdul Aziz King Camel Festival is a festival that hosts various camel-related events, including camel racing and camel buying and selling. The highlight of such a festival is the beauty camel contest, which selects the most beautiful camels by judging the shape of the head, neck, hump, clothes, and posture.

The prize given to the winner of the beauty camel contest is very high at about $ 66 million, so many breeders who spend years polishing their camels to win this contest will participate. Many people perform cosmetic surgery such as Botox injections and face lifts on their camels. Of course, the rules stipulate that camels who have undergone cosmetic surgery will be disqualified.

In 2018, the news that camels that had undergone cosmetic surgery were disqualified was reported, and the rules of the contest became stricter.

Cosmetic surgery to make camels look beautiful is rampant, 12 disqualified in the contest --GIGAZINE

Still, there seems to be no end to the breeders who perform cosmetic surgery on camels, and at the beauty camel contest held in 2021, dozens of breeders stretched their camel's lips and nose and strengthened their muscles by injecting hormones. It turned out that the head and lips were increased in size by Botox injection, and a part of the body was inflated with a rubber ring. More than 40 camels have been disqualified.

The contest organizer said, 'We are strengthening the crackdown on artificially enhanced camels by using special and advanced technology. We will do our best to prevent all tampering and deception in camel beautification. ', And decided to impose severe penalties on the offenders.

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