Introducing a browser extension that highlights only the Amazon brand

In addition to products offered by third-party retailers, Amazon also sells in-house brands invested by Amazon and third-party brands exclusively for Amazon. It has also been pointed out that these two brands, which Amazon calls 'our brand',

are displayed in a more prominent position than other companies' products, so a browser extension that highlights the Amazon brand was developed. I actually tried using it to confirm the point 'How many Amazon brand products are actually displayed preferentially?'

How We Analyzed Amazon's Treatment of Its “Brands” in Search Results – The Markup

The number of brands that Amazon invests in is increasing year by year, and in 2019 Amazon itself announced that 'there are 45 in-house brands that sell about 158,000 kinds of products.' In addition, according to a survey by a research company, it is clear that there are 598 types of Amazon monopoly brands as of 2019.

When these two brands are displayed on Amazon as search results, they may be labeled as 'Amazon Essentials' or 'Amazon Basic' to indicate that they are Amazon brands, while some retail brands may display them. It is said that the retail company name may be displayed as it is without any special labeling.

These Amazon brands may appear high in search results, with the exception of highly rated and advertising products. A study by research firm The Markup confirms that being an Amazon brand is more important than the amount of reviews and high ratings as a necessary factor to be ranked high in search results. .. Although Amazon brand sales are said to be only 1% of the total, the problem of Amazon brand appearing at the top of search results is often viewed as promoting a market monopoly.

The Markup has developed a browser extension, the Amazon Brand Detector, to find out how these Amazon brands appear in search results. This extension has been released for Google Chrome and Firefox, so I actually tried using it.

This time I used the Firefox version. Go to the distribution page and click 'Add to Firefox' to add the extension.

Click 'Add' to approve. Now you are ready.

When I visited and searched for 'sweater', the 13th Amazon brand product called 'Goodthreads ' was highlighted in orange and displayed.

By the way, when I search for 'Sweater' on, it looks like this. The second Amazon brand product has appeared, counting from the upper left. When it comes to sweaters, we've found that has a fairly high percentage of Amazon-branded products at the top.

Amazon Brand Detector is said to work using APIs that Amazon labels as 'our brand', but the results may differ depending on the IP address of the searcher etc., so The Markup '100% correctly identifies' I don't do that. ' However, according to The Markup's research, the percentage of Amazon brands that are most prominent in the upper left is 3.5 times that of other companies' products, and the percentage that is displayed in the next prominent position such as the top and bottom of the page is also high. I know.

The Markup also reported that 'although it is an Amazon brand, 37.4% of the products are not labeled.' When The Markup conducted a survey of 1000 Americans, very few people correctly recognized an Amazon brand that does not bear the 'Amazon' name such as 'Amazon Basic' as an Amazon brand, as mentioned above. Results such as only 11% for Goodthreads are shown.

The Markup said, 'Amazon has revealed that Amazon prioritizes Amazon-branded products in search results, even when competitors are more highly rated. Amazon's advantage in online sales. In the United States, where the price is high, it means that the priority of the Amazon brand will have a strong impact on small and medium-sized enterprises. '

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