A student smuggling a squid game in North Korea is sentenced to death

A North Korean high school student who smuggled the Korean TV series 'Squid Game ', which recorded the biggest hit in Netflix history, into a USB memory was sentenced to death. Six high school students who 'looked around' the smuggled squid game were also sentenced to life imprisonment and five years of hard work.

North Korean sentenced to death after students caught watching Squid Game — Radio Free Asia

The high school student in question smuggled the squid game from China into a USB memory stick and sold it to another high school boy. It seems that this high school boy watched a squid game with five friends, and the high school student who smuggled was executed by firing squad, and the high school student who purchased the smuggled squid game was sentenced to life imprisonment. It is said that five years of hard labor were given to the five people who saw it.

Not only the seven high school students involved in smuggling and watching squid games, but also the teachers and school administrators who were in the position of supervising these high school students were accused, and the teachers and school principals in charge of the high school boys were dismissed. In addition, it is expected to be forced labor in the mine or exiled from the region.

According to Radio Free Asia, which reports to Asian countries where the government has restricted access to the media, USB memory and SD are among the public despite the North Korean authorities' efforts to eliminate foreign media. It is said that squid games are beginning to spread with cards. Radio Free Asia takes on a dangerous profession in the dystopian plot of the squid game, 'People excluded from society compete with each other in children's games for huge prizes, and the losers die.' He said that he is particularly sympathetic to North Korea, where there are many people and people in unstable positions.

'Squid Game' Trailer --Netflix --YouTube

Regarding the flow of the incident discovery, a North Korean law enforcement official told Radio Free Asia, 'High school students who purchased a USB memory stick for squid games initially watched with one best friend, but this best friend The censor caught the story and started sharing the USB stick with other friends. '

Since certain South Korean media are reporting to urge North Korean defectors, the North Korean authorities say that they are concerned about things that lead to the Korean media. In a survey of 200 North Korean defectors, 90% said they had 'watched foreign media when they were in North Korea' and 75% were punished for watching foreign media. I know people. '

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