It is clear that cognitive function improves if you continue learning while avoiding 'distractors'

Many people have had the experience of not being able to study because there are extra things around them, such as messing around with their smartphones while studying. Experiments with mice have shown that ignoring these distractions and continuing learning improves cognitive abilities and brain function.

Cognitive control persistently enhances hippocampal information processing | Nature

How do we learn to learn? New research offers an education: Study on mice reveals importance of ignoring distraction while learning --ScienceDaily

'As any educator knows, remembering the information you learned at school is not enough to say you'learned'. You can adapt by actually using the information, not just putting it in and out of the brain. It improves sexuality, alertness, and intelligence, 'said Andre Fenton, a professor of neuroscience at the University of New York and the lead author of the study.

Fenton and colleagues conducted experiments with mice to understand the learning process. I put the mouse on a rotary table that gives a light impact when standing in a fixed position, trained the mouse to learn the position where the impact comes, and trained to avoid that position using visual information as a clue. By avoiding shock, the mouse was forced to ignore the distracting objects placed on the table.

As a result, the mice in the experimental group performed new cognitive tasks more efficiently than the control group, which was attracted to objects that distracted attention without learning to avoid. In addition, analysis of neural activity in the brain revealed that training continuously changed neural circuit function, and that mice during training eliminated unnecessary information and improved concentration and sustainability. I also know that.

'A deeper understanding of this process can provide new ways to enhance learning and design accurate cognitive-behavioral therapies for anxiety, schizophrenia, and other mental dysfunctions,' Fenton and colleagues said. Stated.

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