Clearly the alcohol strengthens certain specific memory

Some people may have experienced that they did not remember how much they drank Sokotama sake and lost their memory and how they came back home, but in contrast to general perception, alcohol It has become clear that it has the effect of strengthening certain specific memory.

However, it is not such a thing if it is said whether to drink a lot of liquor, it is a part of subconscious that can not be recognized by oneself, and it is closely related to a disease.

Details about "memory" strengthened by alcohol are given below.Can alcohol help the brain remember? Repeated ethanol exposure enhances synaptic plasticity in key brain area, study finds

We announced a research result that the facility "Wagoner Center" that studies alcohol dependence at the University of Texas at Austin improves learning ability in certain areas of the brain by conserving alcohol to promote memory consolidation.

"I think that drinking often listens to learning abilities and memory, but this general perception is roughly correct, but it only shows a part of the brain's impact on ethanol decomposition "Says Hitoshi Morikawa, a neurobiologist.

In March 2011 "The Journal of Neuroscience"In his paper published in the journal, Mr. Morikawa argues" When we talk about "learning" and "memory", we discuss the parts that can be recognized as conscious.Also has the ability to hold pieces of information I do not remember how my colleagues drunk as I got drunk, or I do not remember how I came home, but our subconscious mind also learned as well as recognizable parts · If you are doing memory, alcohol may have the effect of improving the ability of that part. "

Morikawa's research that Mr. Morikawa, who said "ingestion of repeated alcohol increases the synaptic plasticity of important parts of the brain", Mr. Morikawa's research suggests that the toxicity of alcohol and drugs causes abnormal learning ability and memory by ingesting them It is likely to be evidence to make the common awareness in the neuroscience world that has emerged in recent years more reliable, as being caused by being.

That is,heroin,cocaine, OrMethamphetamineIf you ingest drugs such as subconscious minds learn to take them more. However, this property is not limited to alcohol consumption and drugs. Regarding food, music, even human relationships and social conditions, it seems that the desire for them is strengthened by learning of this subconscious mind.

"We must recognize that alcohol dependence patients are not indulged in alcohol in search of euphoria and relief obtained by drinking alcohol. Alcohol triggers in the brainDopamineAre released, they are in an excited state, the environment, behavior and physiological factors at that time intertwine with each other, and the action of "drinking" is induced. If you hear dopamine, there may be an image of a substance that causes happy feelings or happiness, but more accurately it may be better to say "learning transmitter", Morikawa says.

Dopamine acts to augment the synapses that are active when they are released, and the drinking behavior that is going on at that moment is communicated to the brain that it is worth repeating. Thus, the brain learns that drinking alcohol has value to repeat.

And, in addition, we will learn various actions at the place where you actually drink alcohol. For example, when you go to a bar, you talk to a friend, eat something, and listen to BGM in the shop, but as with drinking, dopamine is released as well as subconsciousness It is learned as an action to be repeated ".

In this way, various actions and things other than the act of drinking alcohol remind drunk alcohol, and the dependence on alcohol will progress more and more.

The long-term aim of this research is to understand the basic structure of dependence and to develop a medicine that weakens the symptomatic synaptic work and treats addiction, Mr. Morikawa says. Also, as research progresses, it may become possible to erase memories that are sneaked in subconscious minds causing dependence.

Morikawa says, "What we are going to do in this research is somewhat synonymous with doing mind control, and there are also somewhat dreadful aspects, but the current situation is that many patients mind to drink alcohol and drugs · Because we are under control, the goal of our research is to stop it. "

If this research advances and "addiction treatment medicine" is developed, not only alcohol and drugs but also addiction to various subjects such as Internet poisoning may be a breakthrough treatment As Morikawa pointed out, extreme caution is required so that it will not be used as a means of mind control.

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