The United States blacklists four companies, including the developer of the hacking tool 'Pegasus'

On November 3, 2021, the

United States Industrial Security Agency (BIS) announced that it would blacklist four companies that develop and sell spyware and other hacking tools, severely restricting domestic deployment. bottom.

Commerce Adds NSO Group and Other Foreign Companies to Entity List for Malicious Cyber Activities | US Department of Commerce

US sanctions four companies selling hacking tools, including NSO Group & Candiru --The Record by Recorded Future

The target companies are NSO Group , an Israeli company that develops monitoring software for smartphones ' Pegasus ', and Candiru , Intel , which is also an Israeli company and is said to have developed malware 'DevilsTongue ' that exploits a zero-day vulnerability in Windows. Positive Technologies , a Russian company with a track record of identifying vulnerabilities in CPUs and Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) , and Computer Security Initiative Consultancy (CSIS) , a security company in Singapore. Due to BIS regulations, American companies and institutions will need to obtain a special license from BIS if they purchase tools from these four companies.

'The four companies are engaged in activities that go against the interests of US national security or foreign policy, especially NSO Group and Candiru, including government officials, journalists, businessmen, academic researchers, and embassy staff. Developed maliciously targeted spyware and provided it to foreign governments. Positive Technologies and CSIC have a track record of creating and selling cyber tools used to hack individuals and organizations around the world. I accused him.

'This action is part of President Biden's and Vice President Harris' efforts on US foreign policy, including efforts to stop the proliferation of digital tools used for hacking,' BIS said.

NSO Group responded to the regulation by saying, 'Given that our technology supports US national security interests and policies in preventing terrorism and crime, we are disappointed with this decision. We advocate overturning this decision. We have a deep understanding of the world's most stringent compliance and human rights programs based on American values, and complete information on how this decision is made. I'm looking forward to being presented. '

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