What are the four tricks to make horror movies real and amplify your fears?

In a horror movie, 'realism of the image' is important to amplify the fear of the viewer. In the long history of movies, various techniques for creating realism have been devised, and the unknown contents are summarized in four points: 'knife', 'blood glue', 'burst', and 'directing by being invisible'. The movie explained in the above is released on YouTube.

The tricks that make slasher films look real --YouTube

This is the opening scene of 'Scream' ...

This is the opening scene of

'Scream 2'. Both have the same feeling, but for some reason it is said that '1' looks more realistic than '2'. Why is there a difference in realism even though the scenes are similar? This movie is close to that point.

The first point that makes a horror movie look real is the 'knife'

First of all, Scream and Scream 2 use real knives that are dull.

Dull knives have long been used as stage tools, and the practice was passed down in filming.

Since we are using a real knife, it creates 'realism' in the close-up view of the knife, but on the other hand, it is still dangerous, although it is not sharp.

Since safety is a priority in filming, there are also rules for how to use props. According to this rule, various knives were used for shooting scream, such as rubber knives, plastic knives, and knives with blades that can be taken in and out.

For example, plastic or rubber knives are used when applying a knife to a person's body or when holding a knife while chasing a person.

On the other hand, it is said that a real knife is used for the 'showing place' where the knife alone is reflected.

The image of Scream 2 on the right side of the screen shows the blade moving in and out at the moment the knife pierces the body.

On the other hand, the original scream is designed to hide the part where the knife is stabbed by hand. By hiding the 'fake' moment when the blade part goes in and out, it creates realism.

Also, recently, it is said that knives are added digitally after shooting.


Zombieland: Double Tap , Emma Stone had only the handle of the knife at the time of shooting. The blade part and blood were added later by CG.

Sometimes CG is used to add blood, but sometimes blood glue is used. This 'blood glue' is the second point that makes horror movies look real.

When producing a knife with blood, it is said that a dropper with blood glue may be hidden in the handle part.

It's up to the blood to make this simple method look real.

In the days when the movie was black and white,

Hershey's chocolate syrup was fine for blood glue, and Hitchcock's ' Psycho ' also used chocolate syrup. But when the movie turned into color, this method didn't work anymore.

The blood glue that appeared in early horror movies in color had the problem of being 'too light' and 'too bright' ...

In the 1970s, more realistic blood glue named 'Kensington Gore' was used

in 'Carry' and others.

Kensington Gore is a blood glue created by a British pharmacist, named after the streets of the English brown buildings.

Kensington Gore is made from water, food coloring, and

corn syrup. The problem of 'thin' blood glue in the early days was solved by 'thickening' by adding corn syrup.

In addition, movie make-up artist Dick Smith has added photo-developing chemicals.

As a result, the blood glue that 'penetrates into the clothes' is completed while keeping the thickness.

In modern times, more blood paste recipes have been developed and used according to the purpose.

For example, the blood glue that flows from the mouth is edible-level safe ...

It is said that the blood glue that blows out is designed so that it can be washed away so that it can be cleaned later. In addition, it seems that the reason why the shower room often appears in B-class horror movies is that it is easy to wash away.

And the third point is about 'burst'.

The 'burst' effect is used in the event of an explosion or shooting.

One way to do this is to attach a small detonator to a container filled with blood glue.

Hide the detonator in your shirt ...

If an explosion occurs, blood glue will blow out. This method seems to be a technique that can produce the desired effect by professionals doing it at the right time and method.

In order to express 'blood balloon' on a larger scale, something like a pipe is used. This method is basically the same

as the confetti cannon used at parties.

A scene where blood spouts from the neck over and over again.

It has an air pump and tube in a hidden area that uses air pressure to make it look as if blood is spurting out in time with your heartbeat.

And the fourth point is to 'direct with invisible things'.

The proper use of knives and blood glue are important factors for horror movies, but it is also important to create fear by intentionally creating 'invisible things'. I dare to hide the place where I stab with a knife with a chair ...

Or put it out of the frame.

Also, at '

Halloween ', a Boogeyman with a knife enters the room ...

Murder invisible on the wall. The mechanism is such that the viewer can imagine 'what is happening' with the voice of the victim, the swaying furniture, and the chair that collapses.

These effects give the viewer a realistic sensation of seeing the murder scene, even though they haven't actually seen it.

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