Europol arrests 12 international hacker groups and seizes about 6 million yen in cash

On October 29, 2021, the European Criminal Police Organization (EPO) announced that it had arrested 12 hackers who had affected more than 1800 people in 71 countries. Hackers mainly lived in Switzerland and Ukraine.

12 targeted for involvement in ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure | Europol

Europol detains suspects behind LockerGoga, MegaCortex, and Dharma ransomware attacks --The Record by Recorded Future

All 12 arrested have different roles within a highly organized criminal organization, including crimes such as demanding a ransom through brute force attacks , SQL injection, and delivery of fishing emails. It was said that he was doing. It was also revealed that the hackers were developing the ransomware 'LockerGoga', which was set up by the world's largest aluminum producer , and the ransomware 'NetWalker', which earned a total of 2.7 billion yen in just five months. increase. The damage caused by hackers is said to have reached 1800 people in 71 countries.

Damage to ransomware 'NetWalker', which has wiped out a total of 2.7 billion yen in just five months, has expanded --GIGAZINE

The EPO has formed a joint investigation team with six experts, FBI and secret service agents, and more than 50 investigators from seven European police stations. He explained that he had been arrested for about two years since September 2019. The arrest was carried out on October 26, 2021, and in addition to securing himself, five luxury cars, cash of more than $ 52,000 (about 6 million yen), and many electronic devices were seized.

Damage caused by ransomware is seen all over the world regardless of individuals, companies or government agencies, and it is said that 730 billion yen worth of ransomware damage was brought to schools and educational institutions in 2020 alone, and ransomware Attacks are said to have begun to point not only at the threat of large corporations but also at 'people's daily lives' such as food and medical care, and have become a problem deeply related to all people who use the Internet.

It is reported that the ransomware attack has begun to focus not only on the threat of large companies but also on 'people's daily lives' such as food and medical care --GIGAZINE

'Most of the hackers arrested this time are suspects of multiple cases in different jurisdictions, and this arrest is worth it.'

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