Which has the greatest health benefits, 'walking or cycling'?

It is well known that moderate exercise is good for your health, and walking and cycling are easy to do as soon as you think of it, and you can use a treadmill or fitness bike at home regardless of the weather. is. Comparing such walking and cycling, 'Which is the better exercise?' Was summarized by the science news site Live Science.

Is bike riding better for you than walking? | Live Science


Live Science compared walking and cycling from three perspectives: 'Which is a good exercise?' 'Which is better for a diet?' 'Which is a long-term effect?'

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◆ Which is a good exercise?
◆ Which one is better for dieting?
◆ Which one has the long-term effect?

◆ Which is a good exercise?
Studies have shown that both walking and cycling can be 'exercises that help maintain good health.' For example, according to a 2018 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a peer-reviewed medical journal specializing in sports science, 'walking at a pace of 100 steps or more per minute will have a fitness effect.' matter. Generally, if you walk at a normal walking speed of 70 meters per minute, the number of steps per minute is about 100 , so it can be said that you do not have to walk so fast to get enough exercise intensity.

Cycling, on the other hand, can be very effective in a short period of time, depending on the type of workout.

According to Heart Zones, a developer of fitness and training techniques, a 30-minute exercise in Heart Rate Zone 2, which is equivalent to 60-70% of your maximum heart rate on a fitness bike, consumes 70-85% of your calories. By burning fat, it is possible to exercise so that the rest is covered by the consumption of carbohydrates.

That 's why Penny Weston, founder and fitness expert at British sports gym MADE, told Live Science: 'If you want to train your leg muscles and get a toned foot. I think it's ideal to do both walking and fitness bikes, and it's especially recommended to walk on terrain such as slopes, as it takes four times as many calories as fat tissue to maintain muscle. You can lose weight by building muscle instead of fat, 'he advised that both walking and cycling are good exercises.

◆ Which one is better for dieting?
Walking is synonymous with light exercise, but it is actually very effective for shape-up and fat burning. According to Weston, walking can consume about 200 kcal in 30 minutes, which is expected to reduce fat not only in the legs but also in the whole body. 'About 200 kcal in 30 minutes' is when walking on flat ground, so you can burn more calories by changing the walking terrain such as slopes.

Fitness bikes burn even more calories than walking and can burn 300 kcal in 30 minutes. A 2010 study also found that 'combining indoor cycling with a low-calorie diet has the effect of reducing both body weight and body fat,' as well as cholesterol and triglycerides, which are fats in the blood. It was also confirmed that the (neutral fat) level improved. For this reason, both walking and cycling are good for dieting, but cycling is more effective.

◆ Which one has the long-term effect?

A 2015 study that analyzed data from 42 experiments involving a total of 1843 people found that regular walking resulted in mental health related to blood pressure, resting heart rate , body fat percentage, obesity, cholesterol levels, and depression. We know that you can get a wide range of benefits, including improved scores.

A 2017 study published by the University of Glasgow, UK, found that commuting by bicycle reduced the risk of general illness and death, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, by 41%. The study also found that people who walk regularly have a 36% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who use public transport exclusively.

In other words, both walking and cycling have been recognized for their long-term health benefits, but cycling 'has less strain on the joints and is used by people and injuries who have problems with their joints. It is unlikely that the problem will be exacerbated when the person who has just recovered is exercising. ' Another point is that it is easy to adjust the load for fitness bikes used indoors.

From this point of view, Live Science says, 'The effect of walking and cycling depends on individual factors such as training frequency and eating habits, but from the viewpoint of exercise load, calories burned, diet effect and reduction of natural death risk. If you evaluate from, you will be better off in cycling. '

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